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Steering Committee of the State Strategy Plan
Agency Number:
Start Date:
18 Apr 1974
End Date:
31 Dec 1977
The preparation of a State Strategy Plan was initiated in April 1974 via a joint Commonwealth/State process. The aims, as stated in a letter from the Prime Minister of Australia dated 18 April 1974, were to identify future growth in Tasmania, to formulate policy guidelines for integrated development of the State on a regional level, to resolve major conflicts between the requirements of development and conservation and to help the State improve its planning resources.

The Steering Committee oversaw the Strategic Development Study which provided a framework for a State Stretegy Plan. The Study was undertaken by government and private consultants
Information Sources:
State Strategy Plan, Draft Report, December 1976, JPPP no. 18 of 1977 and PCS1/1/814 file 34/4/1974