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Department of Primary Industries & Water
Agency Number:
Start Date:
05 Apr 2006
End Date:
30 Jun 2009
The primary role of the Department of Primary Industries and Water (DPIW) is to manage the State's resources - our air, land, water, plants and animals - so that all Tasmanians benefit.
The Agency had a structure and name change on 5 April 2006. The Agency was previously known as the Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment. Planning functions have been transferred to the Department of Justice. The Resource Planning and Development Commission, the Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal and the Planning Branch (previously in the Strategic Policy and Planning Division) moved to the Department of Justice. The Environment Division formed part of the new Department of Tourism, Arts and the Environment. 
In 2009 this department was restructured and became Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment.
Information Sources:
DPIW website
Legislation Administered:
Sullivans Cove Waterfront Authority and Act 2004; Abandoned Lands Act 1973; Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (Control of Use) Act 1995; Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (Tasmania) Act 1994; Animal (Brands and Movement) Act 1984; Animal Farming (Registration) Act 1994; Animal Health Act 1995; Animal Welfare Act 1993; Apple and Pear Industry (Crop Insurance) Amendment and Repeal Act 1999; Biological Control Act 1986; Boundary Fences Act 1908; Conveyancing and Law of Property Act 1884; Cressy-Longford Irrigation Act 1969; Cressy-Longford Irrigation Water Act 1972; Crown Lands (Extinguishment of Public Rights) Act 2001; Crown Lands (Extinguishment of Public Rights) Act 2003; Crown Lands (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1997; Crown Lands (Shack Sites) Act 1997; Crown Lands Act 1976; Egg Industry Act 2002; Estates Tail Act 1853; Fertilisers Act 1993; Fisheries Rules (Validation) Act 1997; Fishing ( Licence Ownership and Interest) Registration Act 2001; Florentine Valley Paper Industry Act 1935; Forestry Rights Registration Act 1990; Gene Technology Act 2001; Genetically Modified Organisms Control Act 2004; Government house Land act 1964; Hobart Regional Water (Arrangements) Act 1996; Inland Fisheries (Director of Inland Fisheries Validation) Act 2003; Inland Fisheries (Savings and Transitional) Act 1995; Inland Fisheries Act 1995; Irrigation Clauses Act 1973; Lake Sorell and Crescent Conservation Act 1901; Land Acquisition Act 1993; Land titles Act 1980; Land Valuers Act 2001; Living Marine Resources Management Act 1995; Living Marine Resources Management (Validation of Documents) Act 2002; Marine Farming Planning Act 1995; Marine Resources (Savings and Transitional) Act 1995; Meander Dam Project Act 2003; Meat hygiene Act 1985; Natural Resource Management Act 2002; Nature Conservation Act 2002; North West Regional Water (Arrangements) Act 1997; Northern Regional Water (Arrangements) Act 1997; Partition Act 1869; Plant Quarantine Act 1997; Powers of Attorney Act 2000; Primary Activities Protection Act 1995; Public Trusts Act 1882; Regional Forest Agreement (Land Classification) Act 1998; Registration of Deeds Act 1935; Rivers and Water Supply Commission Act 1999; Seeds Act 1985; Self's Point Land Act 1951; Strata Titles Act 1998; Survey Co-ordination Act 1944; Surveyors Act 2002; Tasmanian Beef Industry (Research and Development) Trust Act 1990; Threatened Species Protection Act 1995; Valuation of Land Act 2001; Vermin Control Act 2000; Veterinary Surgeons Act 1987; Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards Act 2005; Water Management Act 1999; Waterworks Clauses Act 1952; Weed Management Act 1999; Whales Protection Act 1988.
Legislation Creating:
State Service (Restructuring) Order 2006 (SR 2006 No 21);;
Legislation Abolishing Agency:
State Service (Restructuring) Order 2009;;
Controlled Agencies:
Veterinary Board of Tasmania (TA1610)24 Dec 1918

Rivers and Water Supply Commission (TA164)01 Nov 195701 Jul 2011

Tasmanian Dairy Industry Authority (TA1096)01 Jan 1977

State Marine Pollution Committee (TA1984)01 Jan 1987

Animal Ethics Committee (TA1993)01 Jan 1993

Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (TA1986)01 Jan 1993

Abalone Fishery Advisory Committee (TA1985)01 Jan 1995

Board of Advice and Reference (TA1996)01 Jan 1995

Community Review Committee (Threatened Species) (TA1987)01 Jan 1995

Crustacean Fishery Advisory Committee (TA1989)01 Jan 1995

Recreational Fisheries Advisory Committee (TA1990)01 Jan 1995

Scalefish Fishery Advisory Committee (TA1991)01 Jan 1995

Scallop Fishery Advisory Committee (TA1992)01 Jan 1995

Scientific Advisory Committee (Threatened Species) (TA1995)01 Jan 1995

Marine Farming Planning Review Panel (TA1975)15 Sep 1995

Agricultural, Silvicultural and Veterinary Chemicals Council (TA1945)08 Dec 1995

Information and Land Services Division (TA1616)18 Sep 199831 May 2015

Board of Management (Fruit and Nut Industry Research and Development Account) (TA1983)01 Jan 1999

Savage River Rehabilitation Program Management Committee (TA1994)01 Jan 1999

Assessment Committee for Dam Construction (TA1981)27 Oct 1999

Inland Fisheries Service (TA1740)01 Jan 2000

Conservation Compensation Committee (TA1988)01 Jan 2002

Northern Tasmanian Natural Resource Management Regional Committee (TA1979)14 Nov 2002

Southern Tasmanian Natural Resource Management Regional Committee (TA1980)14 Nov 2002

Tasmanian Natural Resource Management Council (TA1977)14 Nov 200231 Jul 2015
Service Tasmania (TA1733)02 Jan 1998