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Wellington Park Management Trust
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Start Date:
10 Sep 1993
Established by the Wellington Park Act 1993, to provide for protection, use and management of the Park and for the assessment of major projects affecting it and to make provision for incidental and consequential matters.
Wellington Park is set aside as a reserve for the following purposes:
(a) the provision of recreational and tourism uses and opportunities consistent with the purposes specified in paragraphs (b) to (e)
(b) the preservation or protection of the fauna or flora contained in or on the land
(c) the preservation or protection of the natural beauty of the land or of any features of the land of natural beauty or scenic interest
(d) the preservation or protection of any features of the land being features of historical, Aboriginal, archaeological, scientific, architectural or geomorphological interest
(e) the protection of the water catchment values of the land.
Legislation Administered:
Wellington Park Act 1993.
Legislation Creating:
Wellington Park Act, 10 September 1993.
Hobart City Council (TA114)01 Jan 1852
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AE492 Mount Wellington Huts - Photographic Essay01 Jan 200031 Dec 2000