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Inland Fisheries Service
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01 Jan 2000
The Inland Fisheries Commission was abolished under the Inland Fisheries Amendment Act 1999 and replaced by the Inland Fisheries Service the following year.

The Service is responsible for the regulation and promotion of commercial freshwater fisheries and the protection of native freshwater fauna. The Service is made up of several branches. Amongst these the Protection & Development Branch includes sections dealing with carp management, commercial fisheries and the Salmon Ponds. The Fisheries Management & Planning Branch includes sections dealing with native fish and recreational fisheries.

The Inland Fisheries Service is responsible for administering the Inland Fisheries Act 1995, the Inland Fisheries Regulations 1996 and subsequent Orders.
Information Sources:
Inland Fisheries Service website
Legislation Administered:
Fisheries Act 1995
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Administrative action
Previous Agencies:
Inland Fisheries Commission (TA43)21 Aug 195915 Dec 1999