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Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment
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Start Date:
01 Jul 2009
The department includes staff from the former Department of Primary Industries & water and the former Department of Environment, Parks, Heritage and the Arts.
The department provides a diverse range of services that support primary industry development, the protection of our natural environment, effective land and water management and the protection of the State's relative disease and pest free status. Responsibilities also include maintaining the security of land tenure, administration of much of the State's Crown lands and delivery of government services through Service Tasmania.

Information Sources:
Legislation Creating:
State Service (Restructuring) Order 2009
Controlled Agencies:
Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens (TA1568)01 Jan 1828

Veterinary Board of Tasmania (TA1610)24 Dec 1918

Rivers and Water Supply Commission (TA164)01 Nov 195701 Jul 2011

Poppy Advisory and Control Board. (TA1108)01 Jan 1972

Tasmanian Dairy Industry Authority (TA1096)01 Jan 1977

State Marine Pollution Committee (TA1984)01 Jan 1987

Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority (TA1551)01 Oct 1987

Animal Ethics Committee (TA1993)01 Jan 1993

Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (TA1986)01 Jan 1993

Parks and Wildlife Service (TA1837)02 Feb 1993

Wellington Park Management Trust (TA1734)10 Sep 1993

Abalone Fishery Advisory Committee (TA1985)01 Jan 1995

Board of Advice and Reference (TA1996)01 Jan 1995

Community Review Committee (Threatened Species) (TA1987)01 Jan 1995

Crustacean Fishery Advisory Committee (TA1989)01 Jan 1995

Recreational Fisheries Advisory Committee (TA1990)01 Jan 1995

Scalefish Fishery Advisory Committee (TA1991)01 Jan 1995

Scallop Fishery Advisory Committee (TA1992)01 Jan 1995

Scientific Advisory Committee (Threatened Species) (TA1995)01 Jan 1995

Marine Farming Planning Review Panel (TA1975)15 Sep 1995

Agricultural, Silvicultural and Veterinary Chemicals Council (TA1945)08 Dec 1995

Heritage Tasmania (TA1724)01 Jan 1997

Information and Land Services Division (TA1616)18 Sep 199831 May 2015

Board of Management (Fruit and Nut Industry Research and Development Account) (TA1983)01 Jan 1999

Savage River Rehabilitation Program Management Committee (TA1994)01 Jan 1999

Assessment Committee for Dam Construction (TA1981)27 Oct 1999

Office of Racing Integrity (TA1631)01 Dec 1999

Inland Fisheries Service (TA1740)01 Jan 2000

Analytical Services Tasmania (TA2113)01 Jul 2000

Conservation Compensation Committee (TA1988)01 Jan 2002

Northern Tasmanian Natural Resource Management Regional Committee (TA1979)14 Nov 2002

Southern Tasmanian Natural Resource Management Regional Committee (TA1980)14 Nov 2002

Tasmanian Natural Resource Management Council (TA1977)14 Nov 200231 Jul 2015

Aboriginal Heritage Tasmania (Aht) (TA1748)31 Dec 2003

Environment Division (TA1723)05 Apr 200601 Jul 2008

Environment Protection Authority (TA1962)01 Jul 2008

Tasmanian Irrigation Pty Ltd (TA1905)01 Jul 2011

Aboriginal Heritage Council (TA1966)01 Jan 2012

Biosecurity Tasmania (TA2163)01 Jan 2014

Land Tasmania (TA2162)01 May 2015
Brand Tasmania Council (TA2059)01 Jul 2005