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Start Date:
24 Jun 2009
Tasracing Pty Ltd is the universal successor of the Tasmanian Racing Board. 

Tasracing is the corporate entity which governs the racing industry in Tasmania. It provides the strategic direction and funding required to produce quality racing products that meet customer demands.

Tasracing is responsible for the development of racing and breeding, the funding of clubs as well as providing stakes, media rights and managing racing venues. 

Information Sources:
Tasracing - Home
Legislation Creating:
Racing (Tasracing Pty Ltd) (Transitional and Consequential Provisions) Act 2009;;
Functions Performed:
Sport and recreation
Previous Agencies:
Tasmanian Racing Board (TA1839)01 Jan 200924 Jun 2009
Office of Racing Integrity (TA1631)01 Dec 1999

Tote Tasmania (TA1632)05 Mar 200127 Mar 2012