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Railway Service Appeal Board
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1917
End Date:
31 Dec 1978
Hearing and determination of appeals in most cases of disciplinary action taken against members of the railway service.

The 1917 Act provided for a Board, chaired by a Police Magistrate, comprising the Chief Civil Engineer, Chief Mechanical Engineer representing railway management and five elected members representing the staff of the five Branches. Employees had the right to appeal to the Commissioner over disciplinary decisions and, if not satisfied, to the Appeal Board. Each appeal was heard by a panel comprising the chairman, a management representative who did not control the branch to which the employee belonged and the elected representative of the employee's branch.

The new Railway Management Act in 1935 incorporated the provisions of the 1917 Act and increased the number of elected representatives to seven in line with the changed structure of the railways.

The railway function was transferred to the Commonwealth in 1978.
Legislation Administered:
Railway Service Appeal Board Act 1917 (repealed 1935);;Division III of Part IV of the Railway Management Act 1935
Legislation Creating:
Railway Service Appeal Board Act 1917;;Railway Management Act 1935
Legislation Abolishing Agency:
Administartive action by the Commonwealth.