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Office of the Minister for State Development
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Start Date:
01 Mar 1994
End Date:
30 Jun 1996
As of 3 February 1993 the Tasmanian Development Authority which began in 1984 was amalgamated with the Departments of Mines and Forestry and the Industry Services Division (but not the Industrial Relations Branch or the Tasmanian Industrial Commission) of the Department of Employment, Industrial relations and Training to form a Department of State Development and Resources. Technical legal problems meant that only Mines and Industry Services (which relocated to Rosny) could proceed with the merger. The TDA became the Secretariat of the new Department pending the amendment of its Act. From 1990 the ministerial portfolio responsible for the Department was the Minister for State Development. February 1992 the name changed to Minister for Economic Development. The Minister for Economic Development oversaw both the Department of State Development and Resources as well as the TDA. The portfolio had a name change in 1993 becoming the Minister for State Development and Resources. The TDA was replaced by a Board of Management for the Department which was renamed The Board of Tasmania Development and Resources in a more corporate style on 9 November 1994. From 1996 when AM Rundle became premier he also maintained the portfolio which was then changed to Minister for State Development when it was decided that the minister should handle economic development and the Minister for Mines, mining and resources.
Legislation Creating:
S.R.1993/No. 35; S.R.1994/Nos.31, 162, Tasmanian Parliament
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AF214 A.M. (Tony) Rundle - Ministerial Files24 Feb 199222 Dec 1996