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Integrity Commission
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01 Oct 2010
The Integrity Commission was established by the Integrity Commission Act 2009 and started operation on 1 October 2010. The legislation was passed by the Tasmanian Parliament in November 2009 and was the outcome of recommendations made by the Parliamentary Joint Select Committee on Ethical Conduct. The main aim of the legislation is to promote and enhance standards of ethical conduct by public officers through the establishment of the Commission.
The Commission consists of a Board of six members and a Chief Commissioner, a statutorily appointed Chief Executive Officer. The Board provides oversight and guidance to the Chief Executive Officer and staff of the Commission, aiming to promote good practice and systems, and monitor and report on the operation and effectiveness of the Integrity Commission Act 2009.

The Commission aims to promote and strengthen ethical conduct in the public sector. It has a strong educative and training role, as well as developing standards and guidelines to help public officers perform their duties ethically. The Commission provides confidential advice to public officers about the practical implementation of standards of conduct in specific circumstances. 

The Commission also accepts complaints about possible misconduct by public officers. Complaints are also accepted about 'designated public officers' who include Members of Parliament, parliamentary staff, local government elected members and officers, statutory officers, as well as high ranking police officers and senior executive officers.
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Commission website
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Integrity Commission Act 2009
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Integrity Commission Act 2009