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Tasmanian Trotting Association
Agency Number:
Start Date:
03 Jun 1962
End Date:
10 Aug 1976
The Tasmanian Trotting Association was established in 1961 by the Tasmanian Trotting Association Act. Trotting clubs in the state were formed into an association to be called the Tasmanian Trotting Association. The Chairman of the Association was appointed by the Governor, and the Executive comprised members of the various other trotting clubs. The Association was responsible for determining the Rules of Trotting, and for regulating the racing of trotting horses.
It was superseded by the Tasmanian Trotting Control Board in 1976.
Information Sources:
Tasmanian Trotting Association Act No. 43 of 1961;;Tasmanian Trotting Control Board Act No.11 of 1976
Functions Performed:
Sport and recreation
Subsequent Agencies:
Tasmanian Trotting Control Board (TA1957)16 Sep 1976
Series Created By Agency:
AF361 Minutes of the Tasmanian Trotting Association17 Apr 191711 Sep 1991