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Charitable Grants Department
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1872
End Date:
31 Dec 1934
Manage social welfare programs, including outdoor relief, boarding out scheme for destitute children and apprenticeships. Govt Gaz. 19/5/1930; 9/9/1930.
Legislation Administered:
Public Charities Act 1873
Legislation Creating:
Administrative action.
Functions Performed:
Community services
Controlled Agencies:
Royal Derwent Hospital (TA465)01 Jan 182730 Nov 2000
Previous Agencies:
Colonial Secretary's Office (2) (TA152)01 Jan 185731 Dec 1882

Commissioners of the Hospital for the Insane (TA980)01 Jan 185905 Dec 1885

Industrial Department (TA20)01 Jan 191631 Dec 1930
Subsequent Agencies:
Social Services Department (TA144)01 Jan 193402 Sep 1961
Series Created By Agency:
SWD32 Register of Children Apprenticed from the Asylum.01 Jan 186008 Feb 1886

SWD33 Register of Masters of Children Apprenticed.01 Jan 186031 Dec 1884

SWD36 Register of Cases admitted to the New Norfolk Asylum on the Authority of the Colonial Secretary.01 Jan 186431 Dec 1879

SWD37 Register of Children at Boys Home Lansdowne Crescent; Girls Industrial School, Hobart Training School for Females, St Josephs Orphanage for Whom a Government Allowance Is Payable01 Jan 186931 Dec 1898

SWD41 Register of Applications for Assistance with Decisions.01 May 187331 Dec 1881

SWD40 Register of Incapacitated Persons Maintained in Institutions in Other Colonies.12 Aug 187330 Jun 1897

SWD38 Return of and Applications for Paupers to Be admitted to Charitable Institutions.01 Feb 187631 Dec 1876

SWD10 Register of Boarded out Children Who have Been sent to Service.20 Jan 187908 Feb 1886

SWD42 Register of Persons Receiving Compassionate Allowances Who have to Make Repayments.14 Jun 187920 Oct 1886

SWD34 Register of Applications for Apprentices.01 Jan 188131 Dec 1895

SWD9 Record of Money paid out for the Maintenance of Boarded out Children and Paupers in Campbell Town.01 May 188631 Dec 1913

SWD64 Register of Charitable Institutions and Board Members Thereof, under the Charitable Institutions Act 1888.01 Jan 188931 Dec 1960

SWD45 Register of Amounts received by Collectors.01 Jun 188931 Mar 1895

SWD31 Index to Correspondence.01 Jan 189531 Dec 1922

SWD46 Ledger of Accounts showing Expenditure on Maintenance and Medical Attendance on Paupers, East and West Devon.01 Jan 189529 Feb 1896

SWD30 Register of Correspondence.01 Jan 189531 Dec 1922

SWD47 Ledger of Monies paid to Various Persons in East and West Devon from Outdoor-Relief.01 Mar 189531 Oct 1914

AD244 Index to Registers of Wards of the State.11 Jan 189715 Feb 1989

AD243 Register of Wards of the State.11 Jan 189715 Feb 1989

SWD51 Monthly Alphabetical Lists showing People Listed As Colonial and Imperial Invalids.01 Sep 189730 Sep 1902

SWD48 Register showing Monies paid to Various Persons, West Devon.01 Jan 190631 Oct 1914

SWD49 Register showing Monies paid to Various Persons, Emu Bay.01 Jan 190830 Sep 1914

SWD72 Index to Applications for Compassionate Allowances (including out-Door-Relief).01 Jan 191331 Dec 1970

SWD70 Applications and associated Correspondence for Compassionate Allowances08 Apr 191322 Dec 1971

SWD50 Register of Persons Receiving Outdoor Relief at Devonport, Latrobe, Penguin, Burnie, Waratah, Wynyard, Sheffield, Ulverstone and Stanley.01 Nov 191430 Sep 1917

AA226 General Welfare Case Files09 Mar 191511 Nov 1994

SWD3 Correspondence with Charitable Institutions concerning the Constitution of Boards of Management, Rules and Reports.01 Jan 191731 Dec 1946

SWD20 Cashbook for Receipts by Collector for Southern Tasmania in Support of Inmates in Charitable Institutions.01 Sep 191731 Jan 1946

AD203 Correspondence Files01 Jan 191924 Sep 1998

SWD4 Correspondence of the Immigration Office concerning the Nomination Arrival and Settlement of Migrants.01 Jan 192031 Dec 1943

AD204 Master Index to Case Files01 Jan 192031 Dec 1989

SWD21 Cash Book showing Amounts received from the Treasury and Sums paid out in Relief.01 Aug 192230 Jun 1939

SWD5 Unregistered Correspondence of the Immigration Office.01 Jan 192331 Dec 1938

SWD14 Copies of Returns from the Immigration Office to the Commonwealth Immigration Office of Nominations, Immigration and Emigration.01 Jun 192431 Jul 1935

SWD17 Journal of the Collector for Charitable Institutions - South.01 Jan 192931 Dec 1943

SWD19 Submissions to the Chief Secretary Listing Persons on Charitable Grants with Sums to Be paid or Rations to Be Allowed.01 Jan 193331 Dec 1940