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Deregulation Advisory Board
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Start Date:
01 Jul 1983
A mjaor policy commitment of the Gray Government was to establish a framework for dergulation. To this end it established a Board and Secretariat to support the Board. Its terms of reference required it to investigate regulations and/or regulatory activities that:
- were no longer needed because of social change or the existence of other satisfactory mechanisms
- impose significant costs on the community
- inhibit economic devlopment or community initiative
- unduly restrict access to public services
- are overly complex or time consuming, or
- impede efficient Government performance

The Board reported to the Attorney-General.
Information Sources:
Dergulation Advisory Board terms of reference (TAHO ref. AA494/1/2852
Legislation Creating:
administrative action
Controlling Agencies:
Office of the Attorney-General. (TA1523)01 Jan 1856