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Ombudsman & Health Complaints Commissioner
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Mar 1997
The mission of the Office is to resolve individual complaints and address systemic issues deriving from administrative deficiencies and through independent investigations to improve and promote good conduct and fair decision-making in public administration.

The Ombudsman was appointed Health Complaints Commissioner under the Health Complaints Act 1995 from 1 March 1997, becoming the Ombudsman and Health Complaints Commissioner from that date.

The Office performs more functions than most of its counterparts in other jurisdictions. The Ombudsman is:
- the Health Complaints Commissioner; 
- the Energy Ombudsman; 
- the State's de facto Information Commissioner; 
- the Principal Mental Health Official Visitor and the Coordinator of the Prison Official Visitor Scheme; 
- the inspection entity under the Police Powers (Controlled Operations) Act 2006, the Police Powers (Surveillance Devices) Act 2006 and the Telecommunications (Interception) Tasmania Act 1999; and 
- an ex officio member of the Board of the Integrity Commission. 

Information Sources:
Annual Report 2003-04 Appendix C, Annual Report 2014-15
Legislation Administered:
Ombudsman Act 1978 (No.82/1978)
Legislation Creating:
Ombudsman Act 1978 and Health Complaints Act 1995
Previous Agencies:
Ombudsman (TA322)01 Jan 197901 Mar 1997