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Police Department
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1820
End Date:
31 Dec 1989
The Police Regulation Act 1898 established the first centralised police force since the assignment period of the convict era. By the 1980s its functions had been expanded to include:-protect life and property, prevent and detect crime, preserve civil order, control the movement of people and vehicles, - provide effective inland and offshore search and rescue services, - maintain an effective fisheries inspection and patrol service. On 17 July 1989 the name of the Department was changed to reflect the increasing importance of the State Emergency Service operating under its auspices.
Each individual police station (or grouping of stations) in a geographical area has been given a separate agency registration outside this central police agency registration which has been used for central administrative records, including those of the districts and branches.
Legislation Administered:
Cruelty to Animals Prevention Act 1925, Firearms Act 1932, Marine Search and Rescue Act 1971, National Crime Authority (State Provisions) Act 1985, Police Offences Act 1935, Police Offences (Contraceptives) Act 1941, Police Offences (Contraceptives) Repeal Act 1976, Police Regulation Act 1898, Road Safety (Alcohol and Drugs) Act 1970
Legislation Creating:
Police Regulation Act 1898 (62 vict. No.48), (Section 2 provided for the Act to come into operation on 1 Jan 1899)
Functions Performed:
Law enforcement
Controlled Agencies:
Sea Fisheries Board (TA47)11 Dec 192531 Dec 1941

Division of Road Safety (TA368)01 Jul 1970
Division of Road Safety (TA368)01 Jul 1970
Subsequent Agencies:
Transport Commission (TA90)01 Jan 193801 Nov 1981

Department of Police and Emergency Services (TA904)17 Jul 198925 Mar 1992
Series Created By Agency:
AD840 Miscellaneous Documents of the Chief Police Magistrate from Various Sources01 Jan 182231 Dec 1868

POL314 Miscellaneous Unregistered Inward Correspondence of the Chief Police Magistrate.01 Jan 182820 Aug 1896

POL324 Register of the Appointment, Transfer, Registration and Dismissal of Members of the Police Establishment.01 Jan 183231 Dec 1955

POL321 Letterbook of Circulars to the Police Magistrates from the Chief Police Magistrate.08 Feb 183215 Oct 1857

POL318 Letterbooks of the Chief Police Magistrate with the Colonial Secretary.02 Apr 183226 May 1841

POL319 Letterbooks of the Chief Police Magistrate with the Police Magistrates.03 Feb 183505 Mar 1845

POL779 Correspondence received by the Chief Police Magistrate from the Commandant, Port Arthur.01 Jan 183624 Jun 1846

POL315 Correspondence received from the Colonial Secretary.04 Jan 183631 Dec 1836

POL320 Letterbook of the Chief Police Magistrate with Police Magistrates concerning Convicts.12 Jun 183805 May 1840

AC486 Register of Police Establishments.01 Jan 184331 Dec 1859

POL312 Index to Correspondence of the Chief Police Magistrate.01 Jan 184731 Dec 1849

POL311 Register of Correspondence of the Chief Police Magistrate.01 Jan 184717 Oct 1851

POL313 Correspondence Transmission Register.02 Aug 184724 Jul 1853

POL326 Estimates and associated Papers.01 Jan 184831 Dec 1851

POL322 Letterbook of Opinions given at the Request of Police Magistrates.10 Jun 184803 Jul 1857

POL325 Returns of Prisoners received Into Watchhouses in Various Districts.01 Jan 185031 Dec 1850

POL310 Correspondence of the Chief Police Magistrate.01 Jul 185131 Jul 1856

POL449 Daily Record of Crime and Occurrence.11 Apr 185603 May 1990

POL709 Tasmania Police Gazettes.15 Feb 186131 Dec 1993

POL323 Letterbook of the Inspector of Police.03 Jan 187016 Jul 1898

AF104 Miscellaneous Correspondence concerning Police Stations, Residences and Reserves01 Jan 187431 Dec 1951

POL708 Photographs of convicted Criminals.01 Jan 187731 Dec 1931

AC481 Register of Enquiries about Missing Friends.22 Jul 188524 Nov 1898

AC488 Record of Compensation paid to Territorial Police.01 Nov 188531 Dec 1955

POL327 Account of Moneys Payable by Treasury to Members of the Police Department for Expenses Incurred in Execution of Duty.11 Jul 188725 Sep 1896

POL776 Rules and Regulations for the Government and Guidance of the Police Force of Tasmania Hobart 1906.01 Jan 190631 Dec 1906

AC583 Inspector's Duty Book, Southern District, No. 4 Division.01 Aug 190828 Jul 1911

AB529 Partial Index to Police Gazette.01 Jan 190931 Dec 1959

POL716 Register of Drivers Licences issued.01 Feb 190930 Jun 1915

AB528 Duplicate Photographs of convicted Criminals.01 Jan 191031 Dec 1952

AC482 Copies of Circulars and Memoranda issued.11 Oct 191909 Sep 1954

AF445 Dossiers - Police Commissioner & Commander Ranks02 Feb 192102 Jan 1991

AE239 Unregistered Files, Miscellaneous Reports and Estrays01 Jan 192231 Dec 1979

POL717 Register of Licence and Zone Plates for Carts, Vans, Cabs, Omnibuses Returned.01 Aug 192631 Mar 1929

AF45 Inward Correspondence01 Jan 192931 Dec 1935

AC483 Copies of Circulars and Memoranda issued by the Commissioner of Police.20 Feb 193011 Jul 1958

POL710 Tasmania Police Gazette Photograph Supplement.01 Oct 193731 Dec 1987

AD757 Standing Orders,memorandums and Instruction Books.01 Jan 193931 Dec 1982

AC546 Copies of Miscellaneous Circulars, including Those relating to War Time Security Matters.01 Jan 194031 Dec 1946

AC489 Returns of Money paid by Police Department to Treasury, and Summary of Pay and Allowances.01 Jul 194030 Jun 1949

POL317 Correspondence concerning Allotments of Dates for Race Meetings, and Restrictions on Racing.01 Jan 194131 Dec 1950

POL316 General Correspondence of the Commissioner of Police.01 Jan 195431 Dec 1993

AF713 Police Disciplinary Issues23 May 195621 Feb 1988

AC487 Inventory of Station Equipment.01 Jan 195831 Dec 1964

AF122 Photographs of convicted Criminals01 Jan 195831 Dec 1976

AF401 Major Criminal Investigations and Inquiries24 May 195913 Jan 1997

POL753 Examination Papers for Promotion to Rank of Inspector.01 Jan 196731 Dec 1967

POL754 Examination Papers for Promotion to the Rank of Senior Constable.01 Jan 196731 Dec 1967

POL755 Examination Papers for Promotion to the Rank of Sergeant.01 Jan 196731 Dec 1967

AD889 Investigation Files and Inquiries01 Jan 196730 Apr 2015

AF444 Administrative Files18 Sep 196831 Dec 1991

AC491 Tasmania Police College, Cadets Training Duty Book12 Apr 197327 Sep 1973

AF900 Correspondence Files20 Jan 197502 Jun 1983

AC359 Internal Investigations Files [Erd].01 Jan 197931 Dec 1986

AF901 Pcyc Administrative Records01 Mar 198001 Jan 1982

AF902 Pcyc Minutes of Meetings10 Nov 198301 Dec 1983