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Department of the Premier and Cabinet
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Feb 1985
End Date:
17 Jul 1989
Provide administrative and policy support to the Premier and administrative support to the Executive Council. Co-ordinate government policy, inter-governmental relations, the legislative program, the government messenger service, the ministerial car fleet and ceremonial and hospitality functions of the government. As part of a general reorganisation of the Tasmanian State Service on 17 July 1989 the Department shed all those functions not central to its policy coordination role and its name was altered slightly.-
Legislation Administered:
Agent - General Act 1911 Chief Secretary (Statutory References) Act 1976 Coastal and Other Waters (Application of State Laws) Act 1982 Constitution Act 1934 Constitution (Disqualification Removal) Act 1980 Constitution (Meander and Tamar Legislative Council Electoral Division) Act 1982, Constitution (State Employees) Act 1944, Constitutional Convention Act 1972, Constitutional Powers (Coastal Waters) Act 1979, Crown Servants Reinstatement Act 1970, Daylight Saving Act 1968, Ex-servicemens Badges Act 1967, Governor of Tasmania Act 1982, International Hotel Development Act 1985, Parliament House Act 1962, Parliamentary Privilege Acts 1858, 1885, 1898, and 1957, Parliamentary Salaries and Allowances Act 1973, Public Accounts Committee Act 1970, Public Works Committee Act 1914, Returned Servicemens Badges Act 1955, Standard Time Act 1895, Subordinate Legislation Committee Act 1969, Sunday Observance Act 1968, Tasman Bridge Restoration Act 1975, Tasman Bridge Restoration Act (No.2) 1975, Tasmanian Film Corporation Act 1977, Tsuneichi Fujii Fellowship Trust Act 1985
Previous Agencies:
Premier's Department (2) (TA166)01 Jan 197631 Dec 1985