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Tasmanian Industrial Boards
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1963
End Date:
31 Dec 1984
To regulate labour conditions and industrial employment generally.
Legislation Creating:
Industrial Relations Act 1975
Previous Agencies:
Department of Public Health (TA19)06 Jan 190401 Aug 1956

Industrial Department (TA20)01 Jan 191631 Dec 1930

Industrial Section (TA18)01 Jan 193031 Dec 1940

Department of Labour and Industry (TA3)18 Jul 194017 Jul 1989
Subsequent Agencies:
Tasmanian Industrial Commission (TA290)01 Jan 1985
Series Created By Agency:
AA384 General Correspondence relating to Awards.01 Jan 196331 Dec 1984

AA396 Correspondence and associated Documents relating to State Incremental Payments Scheme.01 Jan 196431 Dec 1981

AA382 Awards and Variations, including S.25A and S.25B of Wages Board Act 1920, S 30 & S 31 of Industrial Relations Act 1975 & National Wage Consolidations.01 Jan 196531 Dec 1983

AA383 Compulsory Conferences Files.01 Jan 196831 Dec 1984

AA387 Reviews, Both General and Partial.01 Jan 196831 Dec 1976

AA390 Test Cases Files.01 Jan 196831 Dec 1976

AA393 Copy of a Study of Service Incremental Payment Schemes with Particular Reference to the Tasmanian Scheme, and associated Documents.01 May 197331 May 1973

AA417 Reports of Working Parties on Inflation.01 Jan 197531 Dec 1975

AA528 General Administrative Correspondence.01 Jan 197731 Dec 1984

AA530 Hearings under S.44 of the Conciliation and Arbitration Act 1904-1980.01 Jan 197731 Dec 1980

AA386 Industrial Orders and Agreements.01 Jan 197731 Dec 1984

AA388 Meetings Files.01 Jan 197731 Dec 1984

AA380 Agreements.01 Jan 197831 Dec 1983

AA381 Appeals.01 Jan 197831 Dec 1983

AA389 Private Arbitration Files.01 Jan 197831 Dec 1979

AA394 Copies of Submissions Made to Review of State Government Service Incremental Payments Scheme.01 Jul 197831 Aug 1978

AA395 Copy of Interim Report of the Review Into Government Service Incremental Payments Scheme.31 Aug 197831 Aug 1978

AA419 Copies of Orders for Printing for Industrial Boards.23 Jun 198205 Jun 1984

AA391 Copy of Transcript of Proceedings of Board of Inquiry Into Matters relating to Service Incremental Payments Scheme with associated Correspondence.01 Jan 198331 Dec 1983

AA392 Report of Board of Inquiry Into Matters relating to Service Incremental Payments Scheme with Attachment.01 Aug 198301 Aug 1983

AA529 Awards and Variations under S 31 Industrial Relations Act 1975 (Cr Files).01 Jan 198431 Dec 1984

AA418 Copies of Orders for Advertising for Industrial Boards.06 Feb 198407 Oct 1984

AA416 Exhibits Produced During Hearing of Claims by Royal Australian Nursing Federation and Others01 Oct 198431 Oct 1984

AA415 Transcript of Proceedings before Mr Commissioner J Maher, Australian Conciliation and Arbitration Commissioner on Question of Claims by Royal Australian Nurses Federation and Other01 Oct 198431 Oct 1984