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Animals and Birds Protection Board
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1929
End Date:
01 Nov 1971
Prior to 1928 fauna was protected by the Crown Lands and Police Departments. In view of the economic value of the trade in the furs of native animals and the need to safeguard against over exploitation of this resource, the Animals and Birds Protection Act was passed in 1928. This led to the creation of the Board to administer the Act and to represent all interests concerned with native fauna. The Police Department enforced the Act. The Animals and Birds Protection Act 1919 nominated the Commissioner of Police as ex-officio Chief Inspector.

In particular, the Board was responsible for the protection, conservation and regulation of the wild animals and birds of the State, including habitat protection. The work of the Board included publishing leaflets and posters which gave advice on the correct method of pegging animal skins to dry and a series of posters to educate the public on the value of native birds as Nature's 'pest controllers'.

Weaknesses in its ability to protect habitat was a principal reason for its ultimate amalgamation with the Scenery Preservation Board to form the National Parks & Wildlife Service in 1971.
Information Sources:
Parks and Wildlife Service website
Legislation Administered:
Animals and Birds Protection Act 1928
Legislation Creating:
Animal and Birds Protection Act 1928 (19 Geo. V No.51)
Legislation Abolishing Agency:
National Parks and Wildlife Act 1970
Controlling Agencies:
Lands and Surveys Department (TA69)01 Jan 180423 Dec 1970
Scenery Preservation Board (TA27)26 Nov 191501 Nov 1971

Eric G Mcrae (NG2012)01 Jan 1930
Subsequent Agencies:
National Parks and Wildlife Service (TA26)01 Nov 197101 May 1987