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Tasmanian Industrial Commission
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1985
To regulate labour conditions and industrial employment generally. On 1 July 1990, as part of a re-organisation of the State Service, the Commission came under the administrative control of the Department of Employment, Industrial Relations and Training (DEIRT). Following the change of government it was transferred, on 18 February 1992, to the Department of Justice. On 18 August the Commission returned to the administrative control of DEIRT where it remained until 27 March 1996 when, after a Cabinet re-shuffle, it became part of the Department of Premier and Cabinet. Following another change of government the Commission again became part of an expanded Department of Justice, on 18 September 1998, which was renamed the Department of Justice and Industrial Relations.~
Legislation Administered:
Industrial Relations Act 1984.
Legislation Creating:
Industrial Relations Act 1984 (No.21 of 1984)
Previous Agencies:
Tasmanian Industrial Boards (TA273)01 Jan 196331 Dec 1984

Public Service Arbitrator (TA310)01 Jan 197331 Dec 1984

Public Service Board (2) (TA369)01 Jan 197331 Dec 1984

Industrial Boards (Chairman of...) (TA1009)01 Jan 197531 Dec 1985

Office of the State Service Commissioner (TA1609)01 May 200104 Feb 2013
Office of the Enterprise Commissioner (TA2111)01 Jan 199201 Jan 2001
Series Created By Agency:
AB573 Register of Applications for a Principal Award.02 Jan 198502 Aug 1985