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Theatre Royal Board
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1973
End Date:
17 Apr 1986
The Board was created according to the Theatre Royal Board Act 1973 to administer the Theatre Royal.

June 1984 was a low point in the theatre A devastating fire destroyed much of the stage area and the front of the auditorium, and there was much smoke and water damage. A fundraising appeal was launched to raise the $1 million needed to carry out repairs. The money was raised and the theatre underwent major reconstruction and refurbishment, reopening in March 1986.

Meanwhile the Board had gone into abeyance. It was dissolved by the Theatre Royal Management Act 1986 which established the new Theatre Royal Management Board.
Information Sources:
Theatre Royal website 2013
Legislation Creating:
Theatre Royal Board Act 68/1973
Legislation Abolishing Agency:
Theatre Royal Management Act 17/1986
Controlled Agencies:
Theatre Royal (NG699)06 Mar 1837
Previous Agencies:
Council of the National Theatre and Fine Arts Society (TA204)01 Jan 194931 Dec 1973
Subsequent Agencies:
Theatre Royal Management Board (TA1969)17 Apr 1986