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Hydro-Electric Commission
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1930
End Date:
30 Jun 1998
The purpose of the Hydro-Electric Commission was to provide the management and control of the established hydro-electric system including the generation, transmission, distribution and sale of electrical energy. The commission also constructs new power development schemes. On 1 July 1998 as part of the disaggregation of the Hydro-Electric Commission came the division of the formerly government-owned department into three companies; Hydro Tasmania which generates the power, Transend Networks which transmits it across the state, and Aurora Energy, the retail arm, which sells and distributes it to customers.
Legislation Administered:
Hydro-electric Commission Act 1914 [repealed 1995]~Hydro-Electric Corporation Act 1995~HEC Enterprises Corporation Act 1995
Legislation Creating:
Hydro-electric Commission Act 1929
Previous Agencies:
Hydro Electric Department (TA1103)01 Jan 191431 Dec 1930
Series Created By Agency:
AA520 General Correspondence (1)01 Jan 190131 Dec 1987

AE332 Personnel History Cards01 Jan 191231 Dec 1990

AE482 Films and Videos Produced or Acquired by the Agency01 Jan 191631 Dec 1982

AD872 Reports and associated Papers relating to Power Development Projects01 Jan 191631 Dec 1997

AE333 Journals of Income and Expenditure01 Jun 191730 Jun 1991

AF240 Minutes of Meetings28 Feb 193018 Dec 1996

AE331 General Ledgers01 Jun 193431 Jul 1985

AE334 Pension Book01 Jan 193931 Dec 1946

AE336 Sale of Plant Equipment03 Sep 194303 Sep 1943

AA526 Description Lists and Reports on Polish Migrants.01 Jan 194731 Dec 1948

AA525 Nominations of Migrants from the United Kingdom and related Correspondence.01 Jan 194731 Dec 1950

AA523 Correspondence relating to the Contracts, Passage from Europe and Arrival of Migrants.01 Jan 194831 Dec 1956

AE335 Advice Notes01 Sep 194830 Jun 1959

AA524 Reports of Selection Officers on Intending German Migrants.01 Jan 195031 Dec 1951

AE339 General Ledger - Pay and Wages Allocations01 Nov 195031 Dec 1969

AA430 Contracts between the Commission and German Migrants Selected by Mr Best.01 Jan 195131 Dec 1951

AA521 Contracts between the Commission and German Migrants Selected by Mr Coates.01 Jan 195131 Dec 1951

AA522 Contracts between the Commission and Italian Migrants Selected by Mr Best.01 Jan 195131 Dec 1951

AE338 Voucher Book01 Jan 195131 Dec 1961

AA527 Correspondence relating to Termination of Employment of German and Italian Migrants.01 Jan 195231 Dec 1952

AE337 Sundry Debtors01 Jan 195231 Dec 1957

AF238 Records relating to Commission Meetings21 Oct 195920 Jun 1984

AF243 Minutes of Meetings19 Mar 196315 May 1964

AA454 Power Branch - Operational Diagrams and Data Sheets for Power Stations.01 Jan 196931 Dec 1973

AF227 General Correspondence (2)21 Jan 198704 May 2001