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Governor's Office
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1825
With the separation of the Colonies of NSW and Van Diemen's Land by the Order-in-Council of 14 Jun 1825,separate Commissions were issued to the Governor of NSW for each Colony. During his absence from Van Diemen's Land the Lieutenant-Governor appointed by Warrant under the Royal Sign Manual and Signet administered the Colony. With full independence in 1856 the local representative of the Crown was commissioned as the Governor. (For details of the Office and the officers who held it, see the Guide to the Public Records of Tasmania, Section Two).~
Legislation Creating:
Imperial Order-in-Council of 14 Jun 1825 (proclaimed at Hobart on 3 Dec). Reconstituted by Letters Patent in 1880 & 1900
Controlled Agencies:
Medical Department (TA768)12 Sep 180306 Jan 1904

Commissariat Department (TA58)01 Jan 180431 Dec 1895

Naval Department (TA932)01 Jan 180731 Dec 1827

Post and Telegraph Department (TA686)16 Oct 181314 Feb 1901

Convict Department (TA60)01 Jan 181831 Dec 1877

Colonial Secretary's Office (1) (TA151)01 Jan 182531 Dec 1856

Customs Department (TA61)01 Jan 182731 Dec 1901

Royal Derwent Hospital (TA465)01 Jan 182730 Nov 2000

Invalid Depot, New Norfolk (TA982)03 Apr 182720 Jun 1848

Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens (TA1568)01 Jan 1828

Hospital for the Insane, Cascades (TA336)01 Jan 187731 Dec 1890

State Relief (Bush Fires) Committee (TA1546)11 Feb 196731 May 1968

The Prices Inquiry Board (TA978)16 Aug 198831 Mar 1989
Previous Agencies:
Lieutenant-Governor's Office (TA863)16 Feb 180403 Dec 1825
Sir Robert George Crookshank Hamilton (NG1091)30 Aug 183622 Apr 1895

George Strahan (NG457)01 Jan 183831 Dec 1887

Alan Hamilton (NG723)01 Jan 1860

Gore Browne Family (NG2184)01 Jan 186129 Dec 1898

Allardyce Family (NG2226)09 Jul 188901 Mar 1983

Stanley and Pearl Burbury (NG1736)01 Jan 190931 May 1995
Subsequent Agencies:
Commissioners of the Hospital for the Insane (TA980)01 Jan 185905 Dec 1885
Series Created By Agency:
GO59 Copies of Official Notices in the Hobart Town Gazette.06 Jul 181610 Aug 1826

AE675 Summary of Government Notices and associated Documentation13 May 181724 Dec 1839

GO26 Letterbooks of Despatches sent to the under-Secretary of State.18 Dec 181823 Dec 1836

GO52 Letterbooks of General Outward Correspondence.21 Nov 182024 Feb 1912

GO25 Letterbooks of Despatches sent to the Secretary of State.16 Jan 182121 Jan 1911

GO39 Miscellaneous Correspondence addressed Principally to the Governor.23 Nov 182113 Oct 1926

GO17 Despatches from the Treasury to the Officer- in-Command of his Majesty's Forces in the Colony.30 Nov 182121 Dec 1833

GO2 Despatches received from the under-Secretary of State for the Colonies.28 Aug 182331 Oct 1835

GO1 Despatches received from the Secretary of State.29 Aug 182328 Dec 1932

GO60 Governor's Commissions and Instructions.01 Jan 182531 Dec 1869

GO23 Indexes to Despatches received from the Secretary of State.01 Jan 182531 Dec 1885

GO141 Photographs.01 Jan 182531 Dec 1942

GO33 Governor's Duplicate Despatches received by the Colonial Office.12 Feb 182527 Dec 1855

GO30 Letterbook of Despatches sent Mainly to the Treasury.01 Jan 182618 May 1839

GO53 Private Secretary's Letterbooks.02 May 182614 Jan 1869

GO31 Letterbook and Register of Despatches sent to the Colonial Agent.20 May 182618 May 1834

GO54 Letterbooks of Lieutenant-Governor's Memoranda addressed to the Colonial Secretary.26 Jun 182624 Jan 1837

GO21 Registers of Despatches received from the Secretary of State.02 Aug 182616 Dec 1963

GO37 Registers of Despatches sent to the Secretary of State.02 Jan 182701 Dec 1966

GO55 Letterbook of Lieutenant-Governor's Correspondence addressed to Crown Law Offices.09 Nov 182709 Sep 1836

GO3 Despatches received from the Secretary and under-Secretary of State relating to Advances to Emigrants.15 Nov 183112 Dec 1834

GO120 Proclamation of an Act to Establish a Public Pound at New Norfolk.30 Jan 183230 Jan 1832

GO43 Report of Alexander Machonochie on Convict Discipline, and associated Papers.01 May 183730 Jun 1837

GO44 Judges' Reports of Supreme Court Criminal Cases, and associated Correspondence.20 Jan 184027 Dec 1841

GO45 Correspondence received relating to the Suspension of the Colonial Secretary and the Solicitor-General.01 Jan 184131 Dec 1843

GO74 Copies of Enclosures to Despatches sent to the Secretary of State.06 Nov 184101 Jul 1910

GO40 Miscellaneous Correspondence addressed to the Private Secretary.27 Jan 184213 Dec 1924

GO61 Copies of Papers relating to the Financial Claims of the Colony on the Imperial Government.01 Jan 184531 Dec 1867

GO62 Copies of Correspondence received from the Midland Agricultural Association relating to Transportation.01 Jan 184631 Dec 1847

GO38 Indexes to Despatches sent to the Secretary of State.27 Jan 184731 Dec 1884

GO46 Reports of the Comptroller-General of Convicts.06 May 184714 Aug 1857

GO121 Register of Convicts for Whom Enquiries were Made.01 Jan 185031 Dec 1868

GO63 Miscellaneous Papers.01 Jan 185531 Dec 1930

GO122 Registers, Lists and associated Papers relating to Persons Invited or Eligible to Be Invited to Government House.01 Jan 185531 Dec 1973

GO64 Register of Applications for Free Pardons.06 Mar 185630 Dec 1856

GO142 Plans.01 Jan 185831 Dec 1972

GO65 Register of Pardons received for Signature and Returned.08 Aug 185922 Oct 1862

GO58 Transmission Register of Papers Referred to Various Officers.09 Aug 185905 May 1863

GO66 Register of Grant Deeds received for Signature and Returned.10 Aug 185903 Dec 1861

GO5 Circular Despatches received from the Secretary of State.18 Apr 186027 Dec 1932

GO12 Colonial Office Despatches Acknowledging Despatches from the Governor.29 Apr 186025 Aug 1926

GO4 Separate, Secret and Confidential Despatches received from the Secretary of State.27 Aug 186021 Dec 1931

GO41 Correspondence received from Colonial and State Departments.23 May 186111 Dec 1919

GO47 Correspondence received about Military Matters.14 Dec 186130 Sep 1870

GO56 Letterbooks of Governor's Memoranda addressed to Ministers.24 Dec 186114 Feb 1888

GO67 Journals of Expenses of Government House Establishment.01 Jan 186227 Jun 1949

GO16 Unclassified Communications from the Colonial Office.14 Apr 186205 Oct 1932

GO19 Despatches received from the Governors of Other Colonies and States.17 Nov 186218 Jun 1917

GO48 Correspondence received about Naval Matters.08 Feb 186325 Aug 1925

GO18 Communications received from British Departments Other Than the Colonial Office.16 Mar 186312 Jun 1924

GO24 Private Secretary's Lists of Despatches received from the Secretary of State.01 Jan 186630 Jun 1877

GO49 Correspondence received relating to Foreign Consuls in the Commonwealth.12 Nov 186625 Nov 1933

GO27 Letterbooks of Confidential Despatches sent to the Secretary of State.21 Apr 186929 Dec 1913

GO6 "library" Despatches received from the Colonial Office.04 Jun 186922 Dec 1932

GO32 Letterbook of Despatches on Convict Matters sent to the Home Office.25 Nov 186909 Sep 1879

GO50 Bills received for Assent and Attorney- General's Reports on Legislation.15 Oct 187024 Dec 1901

GO7 "general" Despatches received from the Secretary of State.31 Aug 187128 Dec 1908

GO8 Despatches Transmitting Copies of Telegraphic Despatches from the Secretary of State.16 Jul 187414 Jun 1923

GO68 Governor's Speeches Opening Parliament, Addresses-in-Reply, Addresses to the Crown, and associated Papers.22 Jul 187429 Jan 1933

GO42 Correspondence received from Other Colonies and States.19 May 187511 Dec 1902

GO57 Registers of Outward Correspondence.01 Oct 187828 Feb 1902

GO9 "honours" Despatches received from the Secretary of State.30 Nov 187821 Dec 1931

GO13 Colonial Office Despatches Acknowledging and Repeating Telegraphic Communications received from the Governor.08 Apr 188105 Dec 1894

GO22 Register of Secret and Confidential Despatches received from the Secretary of State.29 Dec 188103 Dec 1904

GO51 Registers of Inward Correspondence.10 Jan 188209 Oct 1907

GO10 "federal Council" Despatches received from the Secretary of State.24 Oct 188930 Dec 1898

GO28 Letterbook of Despatches sent to the Secretary of State on Matters relating to the Federal Council.07 Jan 189015 Jan 1899

GO14 Colonial Office Schedules of Despatches sent to the Governor.07 Aug 189631 Dec 1958

AC227 Registered Correspondence, New Series.01 Jan 190031 Dec 1987

GO72 Registered Correspondence.01 Jan 190031 Dec 1987

GO125 Visitors Books.22 Oct 190028 Nov 1973

GO20 Despatches received from the Governor-General of the Commonwealth.24 Dec 190024 Sep 1929

GO124 Inventory of Furniture at Government House.01 Sep 190131 Mar 1913

GO133 Journals of Expenses for Maintenance and Stationery Stores.01 Jan 190231 Dec 1971

GO11 "miscellaneous" Despatches received from the Secretary of State.30 Jan 190224 Mar 1930

GO35 Copies of Despatches sent to the Governor- General of the Commonwealth.21 Jul 190406 Dec 1930

GO75 Copies of Separate, Secret and Confidential Despatches sent to the Secretary of State.31 Dec 190931 Dec 1972

GO34 Copies of Despatches sent to the Secretary of State.14 Jan 191111 Aug 1933

GO36 Copies of Despatches sent to Governors of Other Colonies and States.16 Sep 191105 Jul 1918

GO86 Copies of Telegrams and Cablegrams sent.26 Jul 191218 Apr 1916

GO82 Telegram and Cablegrams received.23 Aug 191220 Apr 1916

GO89 Miscellaneous Correspondence, Arranged by File Title.01 Jan 191431 Dec 1970

GO93 Macquarie Island Files.01 Jan 191631 Dec 1943

GO15 Dominions Office Schedules of Telegrams sent to the Governor.08 Feb 192631 Dec 1944

GO79 Inward and Outward Despatches, with associated Correspondence, to and from Secretary of State.01 Jan 193331 Dec 1981

GO80 Subject Index to Inward and Outward Despatches.01 Jan 193331 Dec 1933

AC232 Sample Stationery.01 Jan 193531 Dec 1982

GO91 Miscellaneous Staff Matters.01 Jan 193731 Dec 1953

GO130 Staff Files.01 Jan 193831 Dec 1958

GO109 Correspondence and associated Papers relating to the "Patriotic Paddock", Government House.01 Jan 194031 Dec 1946

GO71 Alphabetical Register of Tasmanian War Casualties with Names of Relatives to Whom Letters of Sympathy were sent.01 Jan 194131 Dec 1945

GO131 Kitchen Garden Book.01 Jan 194230 Apr 1945

GO132 Index to Persons Invited to Government House.01 Jan 194831 Dec 1958

AC228 File relating to proposed Royal Visits.01 Jan 194931 Dec 1952

GO134 Journals of Expenditure under the General and Gardens and Pastures Accounts.15 Jun 194931 Mar 1960

GO136 Addresses of Welcome.01 Jan 195131 Dec 1963

GO88 Miscellaneous Unregistered Correspondence.01 Jan 195331 Dec 1960

AC229 File relating to Flood Disaster.01 Jan 196031 Dec 1960

AC230 Correspondence and associated Papers kept by Lord Rowallan relating to his Memorandum about the Right of State Governors to have Direct Access to the Crown.01 Jan 196131 Dec 1961

GO137 Governor's Weekly Programmes.02 Jan 196619 Jan 1969

GO77 Schedules of Despatches sent to the Secretary of State.01 Jan 196731 Dec 1967

GO118 Correspondence and associated Papers relating to the Bushfire Disaster Feb 1967.01 Feb 196730 Nov 1967

GO90 Visits by Sir Edric and Lady Bastyan.01 Jan 196831 Dec 1971

GO138 Governor's Daily Programmes.17 Jan 196825 Dec 1972

GO139 Daily Briefs.26 Nov 196826 Oct 1972

GO143 Aerial Photograph of Government House and Grounds.04 Nov 196904 Nov 1969

AC233 Plans and Specifications relating to Alterations at Government House.01 Jan 198531 Dec 1985

AC231 Consideration of Legal and Administrative Arrangements Necessary in Tasmania Following Passage of Legislation to Remove Legislative Links with the Government of the United Kingdom.18 Sep 198518 Sep 1985