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Tasmanian Racing Commission
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Mar 1953
End Date:
31 May 1974
The Betting Control Board was dissolved under the Racing & Gaming Act 1952 and replaced by the Tasmanian Racing Commission. The Commission regulated horse racing, trotting and greyhound racing, and betting through licensed bookmakers and club operated racecourse totalisators. 

The Racing & Gaming Act 1974 reconstituted the Commission as the Tasmanian Racing & Gaming Commission.
Legislation Administered:
Racing & Gaming Act 1952
Legislation Creating:
Racing & Gaming Act 1952
Legislation Abolishing Agency:
Racing & Gaming Act 1974
Functions Performed:
Sport and recreation
Previous Agencies:
Betting Control Board (TA318)01 Dec 193231 Mar 1953
Subsequent Agencies:
Tasmanian Racing & Gaming Commission (TA924)01 May 197413 Feb 1984
Series Created By Agency:
AA436 Bookmakers Returns.01 Sep 193330 Jun 1980

AA439 Journal.01 Oct 194631 Jan 1966

AE780 Scrapbooks of Newspaper Cuttings25 Mar 195307 Apr 1984

AE471 Minutes of Meetings of the Tasmanian Racing Commission27 Apr 195316 Jan 1984

AA440 Record of Totalisator Transactions.01 Aug 195331 Mar 1975

AF340 Annual Reports of the Tasmanian Racing Commission18 Sep 195301 Oct 1968