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Computer Policy Advisory Committee
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1981
End Date:
31 Dec 1986
Coordinate the operations and policies of computer facilities in the Tasmanian public sector. Through its permanent subcomittees, which drew on technical expertise from outside the Public Service, CPAC researched issues affecting the service as a whole. In addition, the Committee reviewed equipment purchase decisions to try and ensure compatibility between departments and the most efficient use of resources. The formal structure is illustrated. (Please refer to paper copy on file). The MATCH, Manpower & Technical Change, subcommittee was principally concerned with staff training issues but also assumed responsibility for health and safety issues. The Technical subcommittee examined hardware and software developments and advised CPAC on departmental purchasing decisions. It was also the driving force behind the upgrading of the service telephone network (though its more ambitious plans did not come to fruition). All deaprtments or authorities intending to purchase computer equipment were required to produce EDP strategic plans and specific proposals to purchase equipment, supported by cost/benefit analyses, were evaluated against the plan. CPAC was a pert-time committee composed of senior public servants and technical experts from outside the Service, The administrative support provided by the Public Service Board Department, and later by the Deparment of Public Administration, was inadequate for the workload facing CPAC as the computer revolution swept through the public sector. In November 1985 as submission to the Minister (seePSC 45/5) was discussed by Cabinet but their decisions were overtaken by the election of February 1986. On 30 April the technical members of CPAC and its subcommittees met the Minister to discuss the report and tendered their resignations to force the issue, On 30 May cabinet decided to re-establish the committee on an interim basis with reduced functions pending a decision on its long term future.~
Legislation Creating:
Cabinet Decision No.2518
Controlling Agencies:
Public Service Board Department (TA78)01 Jan 197331 Dec 1985

Department of Public Administration (TA321)01 Jan 198531 Dec 1990
Previous Agencies:
Computer Policy Committee (TA979)01 Jan 197527 Jan 1981
Subsequent Agencies:
Interim Computer Policy Advisory Committee (TA491)01 Jan 198631 Dec 1989