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Dental Mechanics Registration Board
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jul 1958
End Date:
26 Dec 1996
Responsible for the education, registration, and regulation of the conduct of, Dental Mechanics.

The 1957 Act created a Board comprising 2 dentists nominated by the Dental Board, 2 dental mechanics nominated by the Tasmanian Dental Mechanics Association, and chaired by the Director-General of Health Services.

The 1982 Act reconstituted the Board as a body corporate with perpetual succession but did not matrially alter its composition and made only minor changes to its powers.

The 1996 Act reconstituted the Board, changing its name, composition and powers.
Information Sources:
Legislation Administered:
Those sections of the Dentists Act 1957 and the Dental Act 1982 (as amended) dealing with the registration and regulation of Dental Mechanics.
Legislation Creating:
Dentists Act 1919 (No.46 of 1919) as amended by the Dentists Act 1957 and the Dental Act 1982.;;
Legislation Abolishing Agency:
Dental Prosthetists Registration Act 1996.
Functions Performed:
Business management
Health care
Subsequent Agencies:
Dental Prosthetists Registration Board (TA1638)27 Dec 199630 Jun 2010