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Department of Tourism
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1977
End Date:
17 Jul 1989
Assist travellers, act as a travel agent, develop the tourist industry and promote and publicise Tasmania. The Department continued largely unchanged, although it was now at the discretion of the Public Service Board whether positions in the Department were classified as contract or permanent. The experiment with a statuatiry authority running the Department was abandoned and the Director of Tourism exercised full executive control. He continued to serve on the Tourist Accommodation Loans Committee. (The Loans Committee advises the Minister on applications for loans or loan guarantees from developers of tourist resorts.) The Department continued the Tourist Bureau established in Hobart, Launceston, Burnie, Devonport, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. New branches were opened in Canberra in 1978, and Perth in 1980. A branch opened in Singapore in 1985 but closed the following year, when a branch opened in Japan. Bureaux in New Zealand and America followed in 1988. In July 1989, as part of a general re-organisation of the State Service, the Department of Tourism was amalgamated with the Department of Sport and Recreation.~
Legislation Administered:
Defacement of Property Act 1898, Tourism Act 1977
Legislation Creating:
Tourism Act 1977 (No. 15/1977) (Brought into operation by Statutory Rule 1977 No. 113)
Functions Performed:
Controlling Agencies:
Office of the Minister for Tourism (TA422)01 Jan 1942
Tourism Advisory Committee (TA348)01 Jan 1977
Subsequent Agencies:
Department of Tourism, Sport and Recreation (TA895)17 Jul 198927 Mar 1996
Series Created By Agency:
AA378 Publications issued to Promote Tourism.01 Jan 190331 Dec 1990

AB473 Printed Travel Brochures collected Into Scrapbooks.01 Jan 193031 Dec 1980

AB520 Burnie Office - Summary of Receipts and Remittances.01 Nov 193731 Mar 1978

AA494 General Correspondence.01 Jan 193831 Dec 1991

AA375 Photographs, Glass Plate Negatives, Steroscopic Slides and Negatives used by Tourism Agencies to Publicise Tasmania.01 Jan 194031 Dec 1990

AA552 Loans Files - Unregistered.01 Jan 194931 Dec 1979

AA677 Tasmanian Travelways.01 Jan 196231 Dec 1983

AA676 Copies of Surveys and Reports Commissioned, Undertaken by Various Agencies.01 Jan 196831 Dec 1984

AA772 Photographic Register of Advertising Signs Considered under the Defacement of Property Act 1898.18 Sep 196816 Jul 1985

AC421 Films and Videos relating to Tasmania Acquired by the Agency.01 Jan 197031 Dec 1993

AC596 Abolished Position Files.01 Jan 197131 Dec 1991

AA680 Speeches by L. Butler and J.B.G. Hulton at Various Functions.01 Jan 197131 Dec 1980

AA667 "tasbureau News".01 Jan 197331 Dec 1981

AC422 Film & Video Commercials Produced for the Agency by Outside Producers.01 Jan 197731 Dec 1994

AB974 Minutes of Finance Advisory Committee.01 Jul 197730 Nov 1985

AB360 Burnie Office - "Tasmania Today: an Audio-Visual Sequence".01 Jan 197831 Dec 1978

AC420 Promotional Films & Videos and Footage Produced for the Agency by Outside Producers01 Jan 197831 Dec 1990

AC404 Index Cards to General Correspondence Filing System.01 Jan 198031 Dec 1980

AD957 Photographs used to Promote Tourism in Tasmania (registered).01 Jan 198031 Dec 1995

AC406 Registration Cards for Tourism Grants.01 Jan 198031 Dec 1980

AC407 Registration Cards of "a" Files.01 Jan 198031 Dec 1980

AC405 Registration Cards to General Correspondence Filing System.01 Jan 198031 Dec 1980

AD958 Digital Images used to Promote Tourism in Tasmania (registered).01 Jan 198331 Dec 1995

AD959 Index to Images used to Promote Tourism in Tasmania.01 Jan 198331 Dec 1995

AD968 Negatives used to Promote Tourism in Tasmania (1)01 Jan 198331 Dec 1995

AC419 Videos Produced in-House by the Agency.01 Jan 198431 Dec 1992