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Licensing Board of Tasmania
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Start Date:
10 Aug 1976
Regulate the sale of intoxicating liquor and the provision of accommodation. The Board comprises a chairman and two members, one of whom must be a legal practitioner, and the terms of appointment are not fixed by statute. Established in 1976 to regulate the sale of alcohol the Board operated through a Commissioner, a Chief Inspector and a team of Inspectors. Originally under direct Ministerial control, the Board came under the administrative control of the Department of Tourism, Sport and Recreation on 1 July 1990 as part of a general reorganisation of the State Service and the multiplicity of statutory authories. From this date the Board was responsible for licensing accommodation.

The 1990 Act reconstituted the Board in its original form but replaced the provisions for appointment of inspectors with a provision to delegate the powers of the Commissioner. Increasingly the Board operated as an appeal body and day-to-day licensing was dealt with in the name of the Commissioner. In the early 1990s the term "Licensing Commission" came into use but this had no legal basis. Administrative responsibility for the Board and Commissioner were transferred to Treasury on 27 March 1996. Thereafter, the Office of the Licensing Commissioner worked closely with the Licensing Board.

The licensing of places of accommodation ceased when the 1990 Act was amended in 2004.
Legislation Administered:
Licensing Act 1976 [Repealed 1990], Licensing (Temporary Control) Act 1989 [Repealed 1990], Liquor and Accommodation Act 1990 and amendments.
Legislation Creating:
Licensing Act 1976 (Proclaimed SR1977/1976).
Previous Agencies:
Licensing Court (TA1034)01 Jan 182610 Aug 1976
Office of the Commissioner for Licensing (TA1603)01 Jan 197603 Apr 2000
Series Created By Agency:
AA810 General Licensing Files [Srd].01 Jan 197831 Dec 1983