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Nomenclature Board
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1953
Adopt rules of orthography and nomenclature, consider and determine the adoption or alteration of place - names and to compile and maintain a register of place - names.~
Legislation Administered:
Survey Co-ordination Act 1944 (Sections 20A - 20K)
Legislation Creating:
Survey Co-ordination Act 1953 (No.30/1953)
Controlling Agencies:
Lands and Surveys Department (TA69)01 Jan 180423 Dec 1970

Lands Department (TA902)23 Dec 197001 May 1987

Department of Lands, Parks and Wildlife (TA901)01 May 198717 Jul 1989

Department of Environment and Planning (TA912)17 Jul 198902 Feb 1993
Series Created By Agency:
AF917 Nomenclature General Correspondence Files01 Mar 190031 Dec 2009

AF915 Decision Register01 Jan 195001 Jan 1976

AF914 Nomenclature Classification Book01 Jan 195001 Jan 1976

AF913 Register of Classified Nomenclature01 Jan 195001 Jan 1976

AF907 Index to Minutes of Meetings of the Nomenclature Board01 Mar 195001 Jan 1976

AF909 Locality Index01 Mar 195001 Jan 1976

AF906 Minutes01 Mar 195001 Dec 2016

AF922 Nomenclature Place Name Index01 Mar 195001 Jan 1976

AF916 Nomenclature Client Files01 Mar 195031 Dec 2013

AF921 Property Index01 Mar 195001 Jan 1976

AF912 Nomenclature Register-Numerical01 Jan 195301 Jan 1976

AF918 Nomenclature Map Sheet Files01 Mar 195331 Dec 2009