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Department of Agriculture (2)
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1911
End Date:
31 Dec 1989
To prepare and implement a general agicultural policy for the State. A director was appointed in 1910, after the repeal of the earlier Department of Agiculture Act, and the appointment was formalised by 2 Geo V No.2. The Department was reorganised in 1928, folowing a report by the Development and Migration Commission, but its role remained unchanged. Until 1927 the department was known as the Department of Agriculture and Stock. On 17 July 1989 the department of Agriculture was amalgamated with the Department of Sea Fisheries to form the Department of Primary Industries.
Information Sources:
The Growth and Development of the Department by A G Winter H.D.A. can be found in file M178 at AD9/1/21228.
Legislation Administered:
See attached sheet for schedule.
Legislation Creating:
2 Geo. V No.42 An Act respecting the Department of Agriculture (1911).
Functions Performed:
Primary industries
Previous Agencies:
Department of Agriculture (1) (TA48)01 Jan 189831 Dec 1909

Sea Fisheries Board (TA47)11 Dec 192531 Dec 1941
Series Created By Agency:
AE799 Stock Registers from Northern Tasmanian Quarantine Stations01 Aug 190716 Aug 1994

AE805 Stock Registers from the Nubeena Quarantine Station Taroona29 Sep 190901 Oct 1975

AD38 Extension Service - Rural Youth Movement, Files 21/4.01 Jan 191131 Dec 1989

AD13 Farm Labourers' Weekly Time Sheets (Blank) [Srd].01 Jan 191131 Dec 1989

AD27 Launceston Office - Index Cards [Srd].01 Jan 1911

AB569 Staff Files of Employees Who were Born Prior to 1919 [Srd].01 Jan 191131 Dec 1989

AD6 Immigration and Intelligence Branch - Unregistered Correspondence relating to Settlement of Immigrants.01 Aug 191131 Aug 1913

SWD15 Immigration and Intelligence Branch - Forms of Nomination of Persons to Migrate to Tasmania on Assisted Passages Nos 1-297.15 Jan 191213 Mar 1924

AD3 Correspondence, Agenda and associated Papers relating to the Interstate Conference of Ministers of Agriculture.01 Jan 191331 Jan 1913

AD4 Unregistered Correspondence and associated Papers relating to the Registration of Fertiliser Dealers under the Fertilizers Act 191201 Jan 191431 Dec 1917

AA207 Commerce and Industry Division - Subject Files.01 Jan 191631 Dec 1949

SWD4 Correspondence of the Immigration Office concerning the Nomination Arrival and Settlement of Migrants.01 Jan 192031 Dec 1943

AD44 Launceston Office - General Correspondence (Numerical Series).01 Jan 192231 Dec 1947

AD43 Launceston Office (Mt Pleasant Laboratories) - General Correspondence01 Jan 192331 Dec 1993

SWD5 Unregistered Correspondence of the Immigration Office.01 Jan 192331 Dec 1938

SWD14 Copies of Returns from the Immigration Office to the Commonwealth Immigration Office of Nominations, Immigration and Emigration.01 Jun 192431 Jul 1935

AD39 Volume of Photographs Taken in South East District.01 Jan 192831 Dec 1930

AD670 Registers of Specimens sent to Animal Health Laboratories for Pathology Tests.13 Apr 192815 Feb 1995

AA811 File List for General Correspondence.01 Jan 192931 Dec 1986

AD9 General Correspondence.01 Jan 192931 Dec 1991

AD35 Huon District Office - Agricultural Files concerning People Who have Leases from the Agricultural Bank, a-Y.01 Jan 193031 Dec 1950

AC561 Oatlands District Office - Property Files.01 Jan 193031 Dec 1991

AC397 Films of Agricultural Activities.01 Jan 193331 Dec 1979

AE720 Minutes of Meetings of the Board of Control and Appeal14 Aug 193309 Sep 1949

AA813 List of Conference Files for the Australian Agricultural Council and Standing Committee on Agriculture.01 Jan 193531 Dec 1972

AA814 List of Dates and Places of Meetings of the Australian Agricultural Council and Standing Committee on Agriculture.01 Jan 193531 Dec 1978

AD7 Oatlands District Office - Correspondence Files (Culled).01 Jan 193531 Dec 1955

AD29 Launceston Office - Copies of Orders issued on Merchants [Srd].19 Sep 193505 Feb 1936

AD31 Launceston Office (Cont.) - Stores Ledger Card, Lantern Masks [Srd].01 Jan 193631 Dec 1948

AC582 Oatlands District Office - Subject Files.01 Jan 193631 Dec 1989

AD23 Launceston Office - Analysis Register of Fees and Other Sums collected [Srd].01 Mar 193830 Nov 1942

AA816 Correspondence about Sea Fisheries.01 Jan 193931 Dec 1946

AB571 Cressy Research Farm - Registers of Meteorological Observations.01 Jan 193931 Dec 1987

AB568 Elliot Research Station - Correspondence and Data relating to Research Projects.01 Jan 193931 Dec 1987

AA815 File List for Sea Fisheries Correspondence.01 Jan 193931 Dec 1946

AD19 Launceston Office - Register of Vaccine Sales [Srd].01 Feb 193930 Nov 1942

AD36 Burnie District Office - Correspondence Files, Agronomy.01 Jan 194031 Dec 1986

AB572 Cressy Research Farm - Registers of Meteorological Averages.01 Jan 194031 Dec 1981

AA812 Extension Service - List of Rural Trainee Personal Files.01 Jan 194031 Dec 1960

AA817 Extension Service - Rural Trainee Personal Files.01 Jan 194031 Dec 1960

AD28 Launceston Office - Copies of Requisition for Goods [Srd].01 Mar 194031 Aug 1940

AD34 Extension Service - Correspondence Files including Files relating to the Demonstration Dairy Farms - Sorell and Launceston Office.01 Jan 194131 Dec 1962

AD30 Launceston Office (Cont.) - Account Card (O. Young, Ridgley) [Srd].01 Jan 194131 Dec 1944

AE806 Inspections Log - Nubeena Quarantine Station, Taroona.24 Mar 194221 Jul 1961

AD24 Launceston Office - Cash Book of Revenue and Expenditure [Srd].01 Jul 194231 Oct 1946

AD25 Launceston Office - Application for Assistance under the Bull Subsidy Scheme and associated Correspondence (M.a. Beaumont) [Srd].01 Jan 194331 Mar 1943

AD32 Launceston Office (Cont.) - Copies of Herd Recording Account [Srd].04 Sep 194309 Dec 1943

AA221 Miscellaneous Files about Industrial Development.01 Jan 194431 Dec 1979

AD766 Statistical Returns of Commercial Fisheries Production.01 Jan 194431 Dec 1992

AD22 Launceston Office - Copies of Returns of Fees of Sums collected [Srd].01 May 194428 Feb 1946

AD37 Extension Service - Rural Training - Approved Farm Files Nos. 1 - 250 Plus Southern Areas.01 Jan 194531 Dec 1947

AD10 Applications for Fertilizer Rations from Launceston [Srd].01 Jul 194530 Jun 1946

AC484 Mt Pleasant Laboratories - Property Files relating to Animal Health.01 Jan 194631 Dec 1986

AD26 Launceston Office - Copies of Requisitions for Stores issued under the Veterinary Nationalisation Scheme [Srd].10 Oct 194613 May 1947

AD18 Copies of Outward Correspondence of the Tasmanian Marketing Office, Sydney.01 Dec 194630 Jun 1951

AC381 Nominal Register of Correspondence.01 Jan 194831 Dec 1992

AB570 Scottsdale District Office - General Correspondence Files.01 Jan 194831 Dec 1987

AD20 Launceston Office - Copies of Orders for Vaccine issued [Srd].21 Jan 194823 Jun 1948

AD21 Launceston Office - Copies of Debits for Vaccines supplied [Srd].30 Sep 194828 Feb 1958

AC485 Mt Pleasant Laboratories - Property Files relating to Horticulture.01 Jan 194931 Dec 1986

AD16 Horticultural Officers' Requisition Forms for the Supply of Materials, Books Etc [Srd].01 Jul 194930 Jun 1950

AD33 Launceston Office (Cont.) - Store Day Book.10 May 195027 Jun 1950

AD15 Salary Sheet, Abstracts and Returns Compiled for Treasury [Srd].01 Aug 195130 Sep 1951

AD12 Dairy Herd Recorder's Fortnightly Time Sheets [Srd].01 Oct 195130 Nov 1952

AD17 Cheque Butts [Srd].03 Mar 195318 Mar 1953

AC815 Newspaper Clippings.09 Jun 195331 Dec 1975

AD14 Diaries, Returnable Half Monthly, in Support of Travelling and Expense Accounts Rendered [Srd].01 Nov 195331 Dec 1953

AA770 Huon District Office - Correspondence and Papers relating to Loans and Advances to Primary Producers.01 Jan 195431 Dec 1983

AA773 Huon District Office - Correspondence relating to the Administration of Loans.01 Jan 195431 Dec 1973

AA841 New Town Research Laboratories - General Correspondence.01 Jan 195931 Dec 1987

AD758 Commercial Crayfish Pot Licences (Crayfish Pot Entitlements).01 Jan 196031 Dec 1987

AE291 Report Into the Diseases of King Island Stock Arising from Mineral Deficiency, by T. Philp (Chief Veterinary Officer)01 Jan 196031 Dec 1960

AA818 File List for the Australian Fisheries Council and Standing Committee on Fisheries.01 Jan 196131 Dec 1974

AC814 General Correspondence.01 Jun 196131 Dec 1990

AD760 Printed Minutes and Proceedings for Various related Federal Committees, Councils and Working Groups.01 Jan 196231 Dec 1988

AD11 Herd Recorder's Receipt Book from King Island Station [Srd].21 Sep 196423 Dec 1964

AG133 Miscellaneous Index01 Jan 196631 Dec 1986

AD41 Cards giving Apple and Pear Orchard Production Statistics.01 Jan 196731 Dec 1982

AA771 Huon District Office - Alphabetical Register of Applicants for Bushfire Relief.01 Jan 196731 Dec 1967

AD40 Production Sheets from Growers No Longer Engaged in Orcharding.01 Jan 196731 Dec 1987

AE719 Register of re-Establishment Loans, Southern District27 Jun 1972

AB359 Huon District Office - Miscellaneous Files relating to Tree Pull Scheme.01 Jan 197331 Dec 1978

AE285 Index to Correspondence01 Jan 197331 Dec 1986

AE287 Hydatid Disease Limitation Program Property Registers01 Jan 197431 Dec 1979

AA148 Reports relating to the Indo-Australian Apple Extension Project.01 Jan 197431 Dec 1988

AC382 Stock Medicines Company Files.01 Jan 197631 Dec 1980

AC379 Numerical Register of Correspondence.01 Jan 198431 Dec 1986

AE800 Research Notes and Correspondence about the History of Tasmanian Quarantine Stations, Compiled at the Mount Pleasant Veterinarian Laboratory in Kings Meadows.07 Jun 198423 Jun 1997

AC380 Numerical Register of Correspondence, Tasdex Series.01 Jan 198631 Dec 1990

AC152 General Correspondence, Tasdex Series.01 Jul 198631 Mar 1995

AE400 Tasmanian Shellfish Sanitation Control Program - Tsscp - Part (1) and (2)01 Jan 198831 Dec 1989