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Law Department
Agency Number:
Start Date:
15 Mar 1983
End Date:
17 Jul 1989
Ensure the proper administration of law, order and justice through management and control of the lower Courts, the Probation and Parole Service, State Prisons, the registration of land transactions, deeds and births, deaths and marriages, and the provision of legal advice and conveyancing services. The Law Department was created by amalgamating the Attorney-General's, Registrar-General's and Prisons Departments with the Corporate Affairs Office (of the Supreme Court and Sheriff's Department) and the staff of the Solicitor-General's Department. The Solicitor-General did not join the new department until created a statutory officer on 29 June. The Adult Probation and Parole Service, which had been part of the Atorney-General's Department since 1946, was re-united with the prison administration, becoming the Corrective Services Division on 6 April 1987. As part of a general reorganisation of the Tasmanian State Service on 17 July 1989 the Law Department was amalgamated with the Supreme Court and Sheriff's department to create the Department of Justice. At the same time some of the functions of the Law Department were transferred elsewhere. The Registrar-General's Division, though not the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, was transferred to the Department of Environment and Planning. The Corrective Services Division and the Child Protection Assessment Board Secretariat were transferred to the Department of Community Services.~
Legislation Creating:
Statutory Rule 57 of 1983.
Previous Agencies:
Attorney-General's Department (TA55)01 Jan 182315 Mar 1983

Solicitor General's Department (TA181)01 Jan 182829 Jun 1983

Registrar-General's Department (TA85)01 Jan 183815 Mar 1983

Prisons Department (TA905)22 Dec 195915 Mar 1983
Registry of Deeds (TA84)01 Jan 182730 Sep 1989

Law Reform Commission of Tasmania (TA243)01 Jan 197431 Dec 1988

Law Reform Commissioner (TA681)01 Jan 198831 Dec 1997
Subsequent Agencies:
Department of Community Services (TA769)17 Jul 198903 Feb 1993

Department of Environment and Planning (TA912)17 Jul 198902 Feb 1993

Department of Justice (1) (TA921)17 Jul 198918 Sep 1998