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Archives Office of Tasmania
Agency Number:
Start Date:
22 Dec 1965
The Archives Office of Tasmania (AOT) is the principal custodian of the documented heritage of the state of Tasmania.

The 1965 Archives Act gave a more formal existence to the AOT as an agency, but left it within the then State Library Department with certain management functions undertaken by the Tasmanian Library Board. The 1983 Archives Act made the AOT an agency in its own right although administratively it remained within the State Library Department. In 1989 the State Library Department merged with the Education Department and the Arts Office and the AOT became a division of the Department of Education and the Arts (and its successors).

Based on the State Government's Community Knowledge Network (CKN) strategy, on 31 October 2006 the Archives Office and Heritage Collections of the State Library were merged to form the Tasmanian Archive & Heritage Office (TAHO). This process was not completed until October 2007.

In November 2018 TAHO was succeeded by the Tasmanian Archives by bringing together the staff and collections of TAHO and Community Archives. The Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts and the Crowther Collection, previously part of TAHO, now are administered by Libraries Tasmania

However, the Archives Office and the statutory position of State Archivist remain in place under the Archives Act.
Legislation Administered:
Archives Act 1965 (repealed 1984);;Archives Act 1983 (No. 76/1983)
Legislation Creating:
Archives Act 1965 (No. 47/1965)
Previous Agencies:
Archives Section (State Library of Tasmania) (TA726)01 Jan 194922 Dec 1965