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Valuation Branch
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1948
End Date:
18 Sep 1998
Until the second world war the main body of continuing valuation work was undertaken by the municipalities themselves, but there was dissatisfaction about the quality of work within and between municipalities. A small Land Valuation Branch was established in the Lands and Surveys Department in 1948 and under the Land Valuation Act 1950 it took over all work previously performed in the municipalities.
The branch remained in the Lands and Surveys Department until 1957 when it was transferred to Treasury as the Valuation Branch. The amending act of 1957 prescribed that the Under Treasurer would become ex-officio Chief Valuer in place of the Secretary for Lands, as per the 1950 act. This provoked criticism on the grounds that the valuation job was of a quasi-judicial nature and should thus be clearly separated from government's financial policy and taxing administration.
In 1970 the branch was transferred back to the Lands and Surveys Department.
In the late 1990s it was amalgamated with survey and mapping to create the Information and Land Services Division of the Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment.
Information Sources:
R.L. Wettenhall, "A Guide to Tasmanian Government Administration", (Hobart, Platypus Publications, 1968) pp.54-55.
Legislation Administered:
Land Valuation Act 1957, Land Valuation Act 1960, Land Valuation Act 1964, Land Valuation Act 1965, Land Valuation Act 1970, Land Valuation Act 1971
Legislation Creating:
Land Valuation Act 1950