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Office of the Minister for the Environment
Agency Number:
Start Date:
03 May 1972
End Date:
31 Jul 1989
To administer the portfolio for the Environment. MG Everett, 1972-1974; WA Neilson, 1974-1975; DA Lowe, 1975-1976; MTC Barnard, 1976-1977; ABK Lohrey, 1977-1979; J Amos, 1979; J Amos, 1979; RJ Graham, 1981-1982; GA Pearsall, 1982-1983; GB Davis, 1984~
The South-West Committee (NG3050)12 Nov 1962
Subsequent Agencies:
Office of the Minister for Environment and Planning (TA1008)01 Jul 198928 Feb 1993
Series Created By Agency:
AA898 Ministerial Files (registered).01 Jul 197331 Dec 1979

AA896 Ministerial Correspondence.01 Jan 197631 Dec 1979

AE341 Miscellaneous Ministerial Papers (Unregistered Sequence) from Andrew Lohrey.01 Jan 197731 Dec 1979

AA897 Ministerial Files.01 Dec 197830 Jun 1981

AA899 Ministerial Files.01 Jan 197931 Dec 1981