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Office of the Minister for Forests
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1925
To administer the portfolio for Forests - AM Rundle 1992-1993
Controlled Agencies:
Inland Fisheries Commission (TA43)21 Aug 195915 Dec 1999
Subsequent Agencies:
Office of the Minister for Resources and Energy (TA420)01 Dec 197631 Aug 1978
Series Created By Agency:
FC29 Correspondence.01 Jan 192531 Dec 1927

AA900 Ministerial Files.01 Jan 197131 Dec 1976

AA903 "woodchips for Export" Application for Export Licence Submitted by United Forest Products Corporation Pty Ltd.01 Jan 197231 Dec 1972

AA904 "the State of the Forestry and Forest Products Industries" Submission by the Australian Timber Producers Council.01 Jan 197531 Dec 1975

AA901 Ministerial Files.01 Jan 197631 Dec 1977

AB373 Agenda Items for Cabinet and Cabinet Standing Committees.01 Jan 197831 Dec 1980

AB374 Cabinet Papers Nos 181 - 2278.01 Jan 197831 Dec 1980

AA572 General Files - Mr N. Batt.01 Jan 197831 Dec 1980

AA571 Ministerial Files - registered.01 Jan 197831 Dec 1980

AA902 Ministerial Files.01 Jan 197831 Dec 1982

AD326 Copies of Speeches Made by the Minister to Various Organisations01 Jan 197931 Dec 1982

AD329 Diaries01 Jan 197931 Dec 1982

AD325 Files relating to Parliamentary Labour Party01 Jan 197931 Dec 1982

AA971 Files relating to Sullivan's Cove Development Authority.01 Jan 197931 Dec 1982

AD324 Copies of Bills and associated Correspondence01 Jan 198031 Dec 1982

AD327 Copies of Speeches Made by Others, Both Tasmanian and Interstate01 Jan 198131 Dec 1982

AD328 Correspondence and associated Papers relating to Meetings Held with Various Organisations01 Jan 198131 Dec 1982

AB803 Appointment Folders and Invitations to Functions.01 Jan 198931 Dec 1992

AD743 Ministerial Files.01 Jan 198931 Dec 1992

AD745 Copies of Outward Correspondence.04 Jul 198914 Feb 1992

AF214 A.M. (Tony) Rundle - Ministerial Files24 Feb 199222 Dec 1996

AD811 Ministerial Files, J. Beswick01 Mar 199631 Aug 1998

AD814 Ministerial Correspondence, J. Beswick25 Mar 199602 Sep 1998