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Supreme Court (Registrar's Office)
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1824
End Date:
31 Dec 1924
General administration of the Supreme Court of Tasmania, filing and recording of various Court documents etc.~
Legislation Creating:
Charter of the Supreme Court 30 Oct 1823 (proclaimed 31 Mar 1824)
Controlled Agencies:
Probate Registry (TA1574)10 May 1824

Registry of Deeds (TA84)01 Jan 182730 Sep 1989

Curator of Intestate Estates (Office) (TA37)01 Jan 185331 Dec 1912

Companies Office (TA41)01 Jan 187026 Mar 1979
Board of [Legal] Examiners (TA167)01 Jan 186431 Dec 1971
Subsequent Agencies:
Commissioner for Insolvent Estates (TA1735)01 Aug 183931 Dec 1869

Supreme Court and Sheriff's Office (TA40)01 Jan 192417 Jul 1989
Series Created By Agency:
SC365 Draft Opinion and Miscellaneous Papers relating to Cases with Which Joseph Hone Was associated.08 Jan 181131 Dec 1854

SC100 Exhibits in Cases.01 Jan 181630 Sep 1939

SC262 Register of Expenditure Incurred in Staffing the Judges' Chambers and in Maintaining the Judicial Establishments.13 Jul 181603 Mar 1837

SC101 Plaints.01 Jan 181831 Dec 1831

SC177 Registers of Fieri Facias, Capias Ad Respondendum, Capias Ad Satisfactionem.19 Mar 181911 Feb 1947

SC73 Documents in Cases in Equity.01 Jan 182031 Dec 1961

AE764 Documents in Cases of Insolvency26 Jul 182102 Jan 1900

SC307 Documents Submitted As Evidence in Cases in Land Jurisdiction.01 Jan 182331 Dec 1880

SC74 Documents in Cases in Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction (including Probate).01 Jun 182331 Dec 1961

SC114 Affidavits and associated Papers relating to Civil Cases.01 Jan 182431 Dec 1899

SC208 Alphabetical Register of Legal Practitioners.01 Jan 182431 Dec 1924

SC507 Copies of Various Acts relating to Bankruptcy and Debtors with Rules and Orders Thereunder.01 Jan 182431 Dec 1924

SC506 Copies of Various Acts relating to Supreme Court Procedure with Rules and Orders Thereunder.01 Jan 182431 Dec 1924

SC200 Court Copy of the Imperial Act to Provide for the Better Administration of Justice in New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land 19 Jul 1823.01 Jan 182431 Dec 1924

SC207 Documents relating to the Admission of Legal Practitioners.01 Jan 182431 Dec 1953

SC104 Entries of Satisfaction for Debts Recovered As a Result of Judgement.01 Jan 182431 Dec 1853

SC497 Index to Writs of Execution issued.01 Jan 182431 Dec 1830

SC205 Jury Lists.01 Jan 182431 Dec 1956

SC250 Ledger of Legal Practitioners' Accounts with the Court.01 Jan 182431 Dec 1827

SC479 Letters Patent Constituting the Supreme Court.01 Jan 182431 Dec 1831

SC378 Petition, Correspondence, Affidavit and Executive Council Minute Paper concerning registered Patent No 578/9, George Young.01 Jan 182431 Dec 1924

SC107 Pleas.01 Jan 182409 Aug 1855

SC167 Praecipes for the Issue of Summonses [Srd].01 Jan 182431 Dec 1832

SC150 Register of Arbitration Awards.01 Jan 182431 Dec 1924

SC363 Registrar's Copy of Rules of Practice and Table of Fees for Supreme Court of New South Wales.01 Jan 182431 Dec 1924

SC480 Roll of Barristers and Solicitors of the Court.01 Jan 182431 Dec 1831

SC165 Writs of Execution, Summonses and associated Papers issued by Various Lawyers.01 Jan 182431 Dec 1865

SC137 Index to Register of Judgements on Warrants of Attorney in Civil Cases.01 May 182431 Dec 1831

SC79 Indictments.01 May 182431 Dec 1951

SC4 Rough Register of Registrar's Memoranda.02 May 182403 Sep 1826

SC136 Register of Judgements on Warrants of Attorney in Civil Cases.10 May 182418 Jun 1825

SC32 Minutes of Proceedings in Criminal Cases, Various Centres, including Norfolk Island.24 May 182412 Jun 1947

SC41 Registers of Prisoners tried in Criminal Cases.24 May 182417 Jul 1923

SC62 Registers of Suits entered in Equity - (See Sc410).14 Jun 182420 Dec 1961

SC42 Indexes to Part of the Registers of Prisoners tried in Criminal Cases.01 Jul 182431 Dec 1836

SC26 Minutes of Proceedings in Civil Cases.07 Jul 182417 Dec 1835

SC394 Writs of Capias Ad Respondendum issued in Cases Involving Amounts Not Greater Than 50 Pounds.28 Oct 182422 Feb 1826

SC124 Inquisitions and associated Papers.01 Nov 182431 May 1841

SC249 Accounts of Fees paid by Various Legal Practitioners.04 Nov 182410 Jul 1855

SC324 Record of Hearing Dates for Civil Causes.10 Nov 182420 Jun 1831

SC141 Register of Verdicts Obtained in Civil Actions Not Involving More Than 50 Pounds.10 Nov 182408 Jul 1826

SC142 Register of Verdicts in Civil Cases Involving More Than 50.15 Nov 182407 Oct 1825

SC138 Register of Judgements in Cases for the Recovery of Debts under 50.24 Nov 182410 Oct 1825

SC179 Registers of Writs of Execution issued.27 Nov 182430 Sep 1938

SC475 Bills of Costs Awarded.01 Jan 182531 Dec 1881

AC855 Index to Register of Judgments in Civil Proceedings.01 Jan 182531 Dec 1831

SC5 Registrar's Correspondence with the Colonial and Chief Secretary's Office.01 Jan 182531 Dec 1895

SC168 Registrar's Writs issued to the Sheriff Commanding the Summoning of Jurymen, with Executions attached.01 Jan 182521 Aug 1899

SC366 Sheriff's Registers of Sales in Execution of Writs.01 Jan 182531 Dec 1836

SC306 Registrar's Letterbooks. Indexed.10 Jan 182505 Jan 1838

SC126 Copies of Decrees issued in Equity.01 Apr 182505 Dec 1933

SC212 Recognizances of R.W. Loane and Valentine Champion for J.B. Stoker and Adye Douglas for John Peace, Launceston.27 Jun 182526 Sep 1853

SC45 Register of Prisoners discharged by Proclamation.28 Jul 182506 Jun 1827

SC1 General Correspondence.01 Sep 182531 Dec 1957

SC525 Register of Various Writs issued (Launceston).01 Sep 182530 Nov 1956

SC199 Documents enrolled01 Jan 182631 Dec 1944

SC411 Register of Documents enrolled (1)01 Jan 182631 Dec 1908

SC139 Registers of Judgements in Civil Proceedings.15 Feb 182629 Apr 1904

SC108 Plaintiffs' "Records" in Common Law Actions.22 Feb 182631 Dec 1926

SC63 Registers of Suits entered.18 Mar 182622 Nov 1933

SC109 "declarations" of Claim in Pleadings, and associated Papers.01 Jan 182731 Dec 1842

SC83 Unregistered Documents in Criminal Cases.01 Jan 182731 Dec 1947

SC201 Court Copies of Despatches from the Secretary of State to Lieutenant-Governor Arthur Transmitting Schedules of Free and Conditional Pardons granted to Convicts.28 May 182728 Dec 1833

SC267 Registrar's Record of the Receipt and Issue of Stationery, Miscellaneous Memoranda, Returns, and Other Papers.17 Jul 182704 May 1860

SC256 Account of the Orders Made by the Chief Justice on the Treasurer of the Police Fund for the Expenses of Witnesses in Criminal Prosecutions01 Jan 182829 Feb 1836

SC195 Findings, Depositions and associated Papers relating to Coroners' Inquests.01 Jan 182831 Mar 1977

SC197 Sheriff's Register (As Coroner) of Findings in Inquests Throughout the Island.24 Jan 182820 Dec 1841

SC111 Warrants of Attorney and Cognovits Actionem02 May 182831 Dec 1935

SC160 Orders, Draft Commissions, Commissions and Returns for the Examination of Witnesses Outside the Jurisdiction of the Court.01 Nov 182831 Jan 1885

SC227 Recognizances for the Payment of Bail As Surety for the Appearance of Witnesses.01 Jan 182931 Dec 1837

SC166 Writs of Summons Directed to an Attorney.01 Aug 182930 Nov 1832

SC202 Enrolments of Acts of Council.01 Jan 183031 Dec 1851

SC271 Inward Correspondence relating to Cases.01 Jan 183012 Mar 1861

SC113 Miscellaneous Affidavits, Orders, Summonses, Statements of Claim, Declarations, Motion Papers, Requests to Set Down Cause, Stated Case, Judgement, Bond, Settlement, Petitions.01 Jan 183031 Dec 1948

SC364 Completely Miscellaneous Documents.01 Sep 183031 Dec 1916

SC80 Register of Indictments.01 Jan 183131 Dec 1921

SC418 Copy of Rules and Orders of the Supreme Court.26 Sep 183126 Sep 1831

SC553 Rules and Orders issued in Civil Cases.01 Nov 183131 Mar 1934

SC213 Recognizances entered Into by Newspaper Publishers for the Printing and Publication of Newspapers.01 Jan 183231 Dec 1937

SC180 Registers of Writs of Summons and Capias issued.04 Jan 183224 Sep 1836

SC171 Writs of Dedimus Potestatum Administering Oaths of Allegiance to Justices of the Peace.07 Mar 183217 Jan 2002

SC110 Registers of Part of the "Declarations" of Claim in Pleadings, and associated Papers.02 Apr 183213 Oct 1932

SC181 Register of Writs of Scire Facias issued.03 Aug 183228 Oct 1837

SC182 Bailiffs' Registers of Process Executed.01 Jan 183331 Jan 1948

SC85 Documents in Cases in Common Law01 Jan 183331 Dec 1935

SC115 Petitions and associated Papers.01 Jan 183331 May 1873

SC260 Salary Abstracts and associated Papers.01 Jan 183331 Dec 1835

SC147 Copies of Chief Justice's Orders for the Transportation of Soldiers' Sentenced by Courts Martial.21 Feb 183326 Sep 1867

SC303 Minutes of Proceedings in Land Jurisdiction. Indexed.27 Feb 183329 Oct 1903

SC359 Copies of Indentures Drawn Up As Deeds to Property Sold under Order of the Supreme Court As the Result of a Bill of Sale.12 Apr 183303 Jun 1919

AE763 Documents in Cases of Miscellaneous Jurisdiction (Continuous Number)01 Jan 183431 Dec 1968

SC476 Memoranda of the Undertaking by Attornies to Appear in Civil Cases.01 Jan 183431 Dec 1858

SC231 Registers of Prisoners discharged by Order of the Attorney-General.01 Jan 183431 Jul 1871

SC367 Miscellaneous Indentures, Bills of Sale and Other Conveyances.01 Feb 183430 Jun 1863

SC257 Registrar's Accounts of Witnesses' Expenses.10 Feb 183407 Jul 1888

SC33 Minutes of Proceedings in Insolvency.04 Mar 183415 Dec 1884

SC214 Register of Recognizances of Witnesses to Give Evidence in Criminal Proceedings, received from Magistrates.03 Apr 183422 Jun 1837

SC368 Register of the Removal of Debtors from Launceston to Hobart for Trial.01 Jan 183531 Jan 1835

SC218 Oaths of Allegiance and associated Papers Subscribed to by Aliens to Whom Letters of Denization were granted.25 Apr 183531 Dec 1904

SC415 Copies of Certificates of Denization and Naturalisation enrolled in the Supreme Court.14 May 183527 Oct 1905

SC416 Index to Copies of Certificates of Denization and Naturalisation enrolled in the Supreme Court.14 May 183522 Oct 1905

SC219 Registrar's Miscellaneous Papers relating to the Granting of Letters of Denization and Certificates of Naturalization.01 Jan 183631 Dec 1880

SC228 Undertakings by Persons of Sureties to Go Bail ("bail Pieces") and associated Affidavits.01 Jan 183618 Mar 1859

SC18 Letters from the Commissioner of the Supreme Court, Launceston, to the Registrar Enclosing Affidavits to Be Filed.23 Jan 183625 Jun 1837

SC309 Register of Applications for the Issue of Titles to Grants.01 Mar 183631 Dec 1926

SC27 Minutes of Proceedings in Civil Cases, in Term.01 Apr 183628 May 1920

SC28 Minutes of Proceedings in Civil Cases, out of Term.01 May 183628 Feb 1934

SC224 Bonds for the Discharge of Public Servants' Duties and Instruments Authorising the Crown Law Officers Other Than the Attorney- General to Prosecute.14 Jun 183631 Dec 1886

SC19 Chief Justice's Inward Correspondence relating to the Submission to the Governor-in-Council of Cases in Which Prisoners were Capitally convicted.18 Nov 183620 Dec 1860

SC481 Roll of Recognizances entered Into by Newspaper Publishers.01 Jan 183731 Dec 1899

SC6 Registrar's Correspondence relating to Coroners' Inquests.17 Feb 183708 Oct 1873

SC308 Cancelled Grant Deeds.05 May 183713 Oct 1863

SC7 Registrar's Correspondence relating to the Lodging of Copies of Wills, the Granting of Letters of Administration and the Assessment of Estates for Probate and Succession Duties.12 Jun 183728 Jun 1883

SC477 Applications for Subpoenas from Gaoled and Destitute Persons.01 Aug 183731 Oct 1837

SC64 Register of Suits entered Chiefly Against Companies.03 Jan 183826 Aug 1854

ALL30 Bent's News in the Supreme Court of Van Diemen's Land16 Jun 183818 Jul 1842

SC370 Appointments for Cases to Be Heard.01 Jan 183930 Apr 1851

SC369 Registrar's Rough Drafts of Statistical Returns relating to the Work of the Court.01 Jan 183931 Dec 1868

SC396 Special Writ Books.01 Jan 183931 Dec 1937

SC148 Awards Made and associated Correspondence respecting Disputes Referred to Arbitration.10 Jan 183930 Mar 1897

SC123 Register of Cases Where Papers were Transmitted to the Attorney-General.01 Mar 183930 Apr 1850

SC127 Copies of Orders issued in Equity.15 Nov 183930 Nov 1941

SC112 Alphabetical Register of Part of the Warrants of Attorney and Cognovits Actionem.01 Jan 184130 Jun 1935

SC140 Indexes to Judgements in Civil Sessions.01 Jan 184131 Dec 1938

SC116 Interrogatories and Answers.01 Jan 184131 Oct 1889

SC188 Praecipes for the Issue of Subpoenas [Srd].01 Jan 184131 Dec 1841

SC229 Register of Part of the Undertakings by Persons of Sureties to Go Bail ("bail Pieces") and associated Affidavits.01 Jan 184131 Jul 1869

SC383 List of Persons declared Insolvent by One of the Commissioners (Indexed).06 Jan 184108 Jul 1841

SC384 Copies of Orders Made in Cases of Insolvency.27 Oct 184109 Mar 1842

SC321 Co-Partnership Returns.01 Dec 184131 Dec 1896

SC320 Copies of Returns of Co-Partnership entered Into.13 Dec 184131 Jan 1882

SC283 Register of Returns of Grant Fees Forwarded to the Collector of Internal Revenue.20 Jan 184218 Dec 1903

SC263 Butts of Cheque Books.03 Jun 184325 Feb 1847

SC117 Accounts of Money Assessed and paid in Civil Cases out of Term.01 Sep 184330 Nov 1893

SC29 Minutes of Proceedings in Civil Cases, Launceston and Northern Centres.04 Oct 184301 Aug 1935

SC118 Informations of Intrusion Filed for the Recovery of Land.31 Aug 184414 Nov 1845

SC203 Court Copies of Manuscript Acts of Council and Printed Bills.01 Jan 184531 Dec 1852

SC388 Account of Stationery used in the Registry, Supreme Court.28 Jan 184529 Oct 1847

SC30 Minutes of Proceedings in Civil Cases, in Chambers.01 Feb 184531 Jul 1846

SC268 Staff Attendance Register.11 Mar 184513 Apr 1846

SC245 Register of Prisoners received Into and discharged from Gaol, Swansea.01 Dec 184530 Nov 1852

SC513 Copies of Judgements in Civil Proceedings.01 Jan 184631 Dec 1847

SC119 Miscellaneous Abstracts of Pleadings in Civil Cases.01 Jan 184631 Dec 1850

SC237 Returns of Gaols, Executions and Estimates.01 Jan 184631 Dec 1848

SC43 Alphabetical List of Persons tried in Criminal Cases.01 Mar 184630 Jun 1860

SC371 Magistrate Order Sentencing Patrick Lamb to Hard Labour in Chains for Four Years.04 Apr 184604 Apr 1846

SC170 Writs of Habeas Corpus and Certiorari and the Answers Thereto.14 May 184616 May 1881

SC120 Supplications and Declarations giving Grounds of Actions, and associated Documents.01 Jan 184831 Dec 1930

SC129 Register of Citations issued in the Administration of Estates.01 Aug 184831 Jul 1930

SC8 Registrar's Correspondence relating to Bills of Sale and Conveyances.16 Dec 184827 May 1878

SC372 Court Forms Drawn Up for the Conduct of Proceedings in Criminal Cases.01 Jan 185031 Dec 1850

SC490 Launceston District Registry - Register of Writs of Fieri Facias01 Jan 185004 Aug 1993

SC314 Miscellaneous Correspondence relating to the Registration of Companies07 Aug 185012 Dec 1871

SC500 Copies of Rules, Regulations, Orders, Proclamations Transmitted from the British Admiralty High Court for the Use and Information of the Vice Admiralty Court, Hobart.01 Jan 185131 Dec 1966

SC482 Roll of Commissioners of the Court.01 Jan 185131 Dec 1919

SC183 Register of the Issue of Subpoena for Witnesses to attend.20 Jan 185206 Dec 1859

SC223 Lists of Commissioners of the Court in Other States and Countries.26 Oct 185216 Apr 1919

SC88 Documents in Cases in Admiralty Jurisdiction (Vice-Admiralty to C1889).01 Jan 185331 Dec 1929

SC86 Documents in Cases in Lunacy.01 Jan 185331 Dec 1961

SC152 Copies of Orders issued in Lunacy.16 Aug 185331 Dec 1958

SC105 Notifications by Plaintiffs' Attorneys That Judgement for the Recovery of Debt Be Signed in Undefended Cases ("judgement Rolls").04 Dec 185330 Jun 1869

SC131 Index to Copies of Orders issued on Application of the Curator of Intestate Estates or Public Trustee01 Jan 185431 Dec 1919

SC220 Oaths of Office of the Commissioner for Investigating Titles to Land.13 Aug 185401 Sep 1854

SC130 Copies of Orders issued on the Application of the Curator of Intestate Estates, or Public Trustee01 Sep 185421 Nov 1919

SC216 Legal Practitioners' Oaths of Allegiance.01 Jan 185531 Dec 1874

SC258 Account of Jurors' Expenses.03 Apr 185523 Jan 1858

SC485 Copies of Declaration by Witnesses and Doctors of the Execution of convicted Persons.01 Jan 185631 Dec 1946

SC392 Praecipes for the Issue of Writs of Summonses, 1St Term 1856.01 Jan 185631 Dec 1856

SC484 Roll of Advocates of the Vice Admiralty Court.01 Jan 185631 Dec 1865

SC483 Roll of Certified Conveyancers.01 Jan 185631 Dec 1885

SC239 Witnesses' Declarations and Medical Certificates As to the Execution of Prisoners, and associated Correspondence.01 Feb 185631 Jan 1887

SC133 Court Order Vesting the Estate of James Haydock Reibey in the Resident Trustees.06 Mar 185606 Mar 1856

SC240 Register of the Proclamation of Gaols.01 Sep 185631 Oct 1900

SC36 Minutes of Proceedings and Order in Admiralty (Vice Admiralty Court to C.1889).27 Nov 185617 Oct 1929

SC241 Register of Gaols and Houses of Correction.01 Dec 185631 Oct 1886

SC121 Cases for the Opinion of the Judges of the Supreme Court, the Attorney-General, Solicitor-General, Counsel, Etc.01 Jan 185731 Dec 1911

SC253 Documents relating to the Non-Delivery of Bills of Fees and Costs by Legal Practitioners.01 Aug 185730 Nov 1886

SC209 Documents relating to the Alleged Misconduct of Legal Practitioners.23 Dec 185713 Sep 1898

SC304 Applications in Land Jurisdiction under the Claims to Grants of Land Act 22 Vic No 10 Where the Application Was Withdrawn or No Report Made.01 Jan 185831 Dec 1925

SC290 Miscellaneous Applications for Grant Deeds, and associated Papers for Cases Invlving Hearings before the Supreme Court.01 Jan 185831 Dec 1886

SC25 Letterbook of R P Adams, J.01 Feb 185829 Feb 1860

SC66 Register of the Public Advertising for Claims Against Estates of Deceased Persons.05 Feb 185817 Jun 1912

SC243 Registers of Prisoners received Into and discharged from Gaol, Hobart.01 Jul 185830 Nov 1909

SC37 Minutes of Proceedings in Equity, in Chambers.01 Sep 185829 Nov 1921

SC305 Applications in Land Jurisdiction under the Claims to Grants of Land Act, for Which Reports (1-219) were Made under 22 Vic No. 1001 Dec 185831 Dec 1925

SC265 Accounts kept under the Trustees' Relief Act 1860.01 Jan 185931 Dec 1909

SC233 Petitions under an Act for the Support and Relief of Persons under Imprisonment for Debt or Penalties ("groat Act"), Minutes of Resulting Proceedings and associated Papers.01 Jan 185931 Dec 1862

SC51 Register of Cases in "Miscellaneous Jurisdiction".01 Jan 185931 Dec 1940

SC232 Register of Prisoners discharged by Order of the Governor.10 Jan 185931 Dec 1863

SC337 Register of Returns Lodged for Companies under the Companies Acts 1859 and 186901 Dec 185930 Sep 1920

SC210 Articles of Legal Clerkship and Question and Answer Papers As to the Service of Clerkship.01 Jan 186031 Dec 1976

SC430 Copies of Various Acts relating to Divorce and Matrimonial Causes with Rules Thereunder and related Correspondence.01 Jan 186031 Dec 1892

SC338 Documents concerning the Registration of Friendly Societies under the Friendly Societies Act 1888.01 Jan 186031 Dec 1950

AD787 Indexed Newspaper Reports of Supreme Court Cases01 Jan 186030 Nov 1930

SC234 Prisoners' and Defendants' Petitions for Leniency and Remission of Sentence, Supported by Character References, and associated Papers.01 Jan 186031 Dec 1892

SC230 Affidavits Seeking Orders to Hold Defendants to Bail.01 Feb 186031 Dec 1862

SC10 Correspondence concerning the Admission of Commissioners of the Supreme Court.01 Jul 186030 Apr 1938

SC358 Bills of Sale and associated Papers.26 Oct 186029 Mar 1896

SC89 Documents in Cases in Divorce.01 Jan 186131 Dec 1976

SC391 Papers relating to Intestate Estates for Which Name of Intestate Cannot Be Found.01 Jan 186131 Dec 1898

SC501 Copies of Decrees and Orders in Matrimonial ( Divorce ) Jurisdiction01 May 186131 Mar 1958

SC38 Minutes of Proceedings in Divorce.01 May 186130 Sep 1943

SC221 Marshall's and Registrar's Oaths of Office in Vice-Admiralty Jurisdiction.25 May 186114 Jun 1867

SC11 Correspondence concerning the Examination of Candidates under 4 Vic 26, 4 Vic 29, 27 Vic 25, 38 Vic 14.01 Nov 186131 Jul 1885

SC323 Returns of Companies registered under the Companies Act 1869.19 Dec 186104 Jun 1980

SC96 Documents in Cases on Appeal to the Full Court.01 Jan 186231 Dec 1959

CON49 Register of Convicts' Applications to Interview the Comptroller-General and Sheriff.04 Apr 186228 Sep 1886

SC429 Rules of the Supreme Court in Equity Jurisdiction.01 Jan 186331 Dec 1917

SC242 Register of Gaolers' Appointments.01 Jun 186331 Dec 1910

SC106 "suggestions" entered by Plaintiffs' Solicitors That Judgement Be Made in their Favour in Undefended Cases.01 Nov 186331 Mar 1880

SC373 Copies of Returns of Amounts paid to Churches under the State Aid Distribution Act 1863.04 Jan 186431 Jan 1870

SC206 Certificates of the Clerk of the Court to the Effect That Jurors have Been Fined for Non-Attendance, and associated Papers.03 Nov 186413 Dec 1898

SC135 Copies of Orders issued in Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction.18 Nov 186411 Apr 1945

SC499 Index to Coroners' Inquests.01 Jan 186531 Dec 1961

SC312 Registers of Receipts for Grants in Land Jurisdiction.03 Jan 186526 Nov 1881

SC12 Correspondence relating to Rules for the Admission of Barristers and Attorneys to the Court.28 Feb 186624 Jul 1903

SC67 Register of Succession Duties paid on Deceased Persons' Estates.01 Jun 186630 Jun 1868

SC431 Copies of Various Small Debts Acts and Rules Thereunder.01 Jan 186731 Dec 1893

SC374 Registrar's Cash Book of Accounts Connected with Trusts.01 Jan 186731 Dec 1941

SC178 Register of Warrants of Execution issued.01 Mar 186730 Sep 1938

SC244 Registers of Prisoners received Into and discharged from Gaol, Launceston.01 Mar 186730 Jun 1910

SC48 Registrar's Record Book of Cases Heard under Hobart Town Court of Requests Abolition Act.01 Mar 186730 Apr 1900

SC361 Alphabetical Registers of Bills of Sale under the Bills of Sale Registration Acts 1867 and 1900.20 Jun 186731 Dec 1993

SC58 Register of Cases Heard under the Small Debts Act Jurisdiction, Longford.08 Jan 186831 Mar 1928

SC375 Receipts issued by the Assistant or under-Treasurer and registered in the Audit Department for Amounts collected by the Probate Duties Officer.02 Nov 186828 Mar 1884

SC13 Registrar's Correspondence relating to the Making of Recognizances in the Printing and Publication of Newspapers.07 Jul 186903 Oct 1875

SC84 Documents in Cases in Bankruptcy01 Jan 187031 Dec 1928

SC164 Judges' Rules and Orders Appointing Times for Criminal Sessions.08 Feb 187007 Feb 1888

SC125 Inquisitions of Escheat.25 Aug 187014 Nov 1932

SC185 Register of Summons received from Country Courts.01 Oct 187030 Sep 1915

SC153 Orders Appointing Small Debts Sittings and Miscellaneous Affidavits in the Jurisdiction.16 Nov 187023 Dec 1896

SC34 Minutes of Proceedings in Bankruptcy.07 Mar 187103 Mar 1934

SC156 Copies of Orders for Arrest issued under the Debtors' Act. 1870 (34 Vic No 33).01 Apr 187130 Apr 1871

SC235 Executive Council Minutes concerning Remissions of Sentence and associated Papers.01 Jan 187231 Dec 1885

SC72 Judges' Notes of Proceedings.01 Jan 187331 Dec 1960

SC247 Lists of Prisoners for Trial, Hobart and Launceston.01 Jan 187831 Dec 1923

SC488 Sheriff's Record of Proceedings in Criminal Court Cases, Lists of Jurors Summoned, Launceston.01 Jan 188031 Dec 1903

SC266 Analysis Books of Departmental Expenditure.01 Jan 188131 Aug 1940

SC376 Copies of Correspondence relating to Petitions to the Governor Praying for Remission of Sentence with Notes of Decision.01 Aug 188131 Dec 1894

SC222 Copies of Commissions issued to Persons Appointed Commissioners for Administering Oaths Outside the Jurisdiction of the Court.06 Jan 188217 Jul 1893

SC31 Draft Minutes of Proceedings in Civil Cases.20 Apr 188212 May 1882

SC71 Register of Petitions Submitted concerning Disputed Elections.15 Jun 188219 Jun 1882

SC157 Copies of Orders issued in Cases concerning Disputed Elections.24 Jun 188216 Sep 1898

SC39 Minutes of Proceedings in Disputed Elections.18 Jul 188216 Sep 1898

SC90 Documents in Cases Heard in Courts in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland.01 Jan 188331 Dec 1921

SC486 Letterbook of the Deputy Sheriff, Launceston.01 Jan 188531 Dec 1901

SC246 Registers of Prisoners received Into and discharged from Country Gaols.01 Jan 188531 Dec 1910

SC540 Record of Goods Sold and Money received from Sheriff's Sales, Launceston.01 Nov 188531 Jul 1888

AF643 Launceston District Registry - Bankruptcy Minute Books02 Nov 188515 Aug 1928

SC40 Minutes of Proceedings in Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction.03 Nov 188530 Oct 1901

SC35 Minutes of Proceedings in Appeal from Various Minor Courts.02 Dec 188525 Jul 1907

SC162 Certificates of Judgement Passed in Various Cases and entered in the Australian Register of Judgements, and associated Papers.01 Jan 188631 Dec 1928

SC527 Papers of the Federal Council of Australasia Forwarded to the Registrar As Per Standing Order 210 of the Federal Council.01 Jan 188631 Dec 1897

SC215 Warrants and associated Recognizance Notes for the Attachment of Goods Arising from Forfeited Recognizances.04 Feb 188627 Aug 1898

SC161 Certificates and Memorials of Judgement, Made in the Supreme Courts of Other Colonies in Actions Involving Tasmanian Plaintiffs or Defendants, or in Which Writs were Served in Tasm24 Aug 188709 Jun 1903

SC134 Copies of Orders issued under Various Acts relating to Deceased Persons' Estates.02 Sep 188715 Sep 1919

SC478 Register of Appeals Lodged under the Assessment Act 1887 Against the Payment of Land Tax.01 Jan 188831 Dec 1903

AF644 Launceston District Registry - Bankruptcy Registers07 Jan 188806 Mar 1919

SC154 Register of Judgement Summonses issued in Small Debts Act Jurisdiction.18 Jan 188831 Dec 1961

SC539 Records of Cases Heard under Small Debts Act Jurisdiction, Launceston.01 Feb 188828 Feb 1898

SC50 Register of Two Civil Cases at Beaconsfield Sittings.24 Aug 188824 Aug 1888

SC60 Register of Cases Heard under the Small Debts Act Jurisdiction, Oatlands.29 Aug 188831 Dec 1927

SC541 Register of Warrants issued, Deloraine.01 Jan 188931 Dec 1923

SC61 Registers of Cases Heard under the Local Courts Act Jurisdiction, Ulverstone.01 Jan 188931 Dec 1927

SC146 Registers of Garnishee Attachments Ordered.21 Feb 189018 Aug 1961

SC193 Register of Supreme Court Writs received at Wynyard.01 Oct 189030 Jun 1896

SC44 Registers of Prisoners tried and Disposed of at Hobart.19 May 189116 May 1893

SC377 Register of Levies Made Upon Property As a Result of Summonses issued out of the Court and Account Book of their Sales.06 Jul 189106 Nov 1907

SC76 Assignments of Property from Deceased Persons' Estates.01 Jan 189231 Dec 1892

SC189 Register of Judgement Summonses. (Part of Sc 377)01 Jan 189231 Dec 1906

SC149 Awards under the Arbitration Act 1892, Agreements to Submit to Arbitration, and associated Papers.01 Jan 189331 Dec 1930

AD875 Register of Indictments.01 Jan 189330 Jun 1957

SC97 Documents in Cases of Appeal from Lower Courts.01 Jan 189531 Dec 1961

SC158 Copies of Orders issued in Common Law.03 Jul 189531 Dec 1944

SC252 Registrar's Ledger of Various Fees received.07 Nov 189508 May 1935

SC211 Affidavits in the Matter of the Legal Practitioners' Act 1896.01 Jan 189631 Dec 1930

SC433 Copies of Various Acts relating to Legal Practitioners with Rules Thereunder and related Correspondence.01 Jan 189631 Dec 1930

SC432 Copies of Various Local Courts Acts with Rules Thereunder and related Correspondence.01 Jan 189631 Dec 1932

SC163 Judgements and associated Correspondence concerning Cases on Appeal to the Privy Council from the Supreme Court.01 Jan 189631 Dec 1902

SC542 Record of Warrants issued, Deloraine.01 Jan 189731 Dec 1921

SC15 Correspondence concerning the Issue of Annual Certificates under the Legal Practitioners Act 1896.01 Jan 189831 Jan 1910

SC489 Register of Cases Heard under Local Courts Act Jurisdiction, Launceston.01 Jan 189831 Dec 1934

SC204 Deeds Poll relating to Changes of Name.01 Jan 190031 Dec 1951

SC57 Register of Cases Heard in Local Courts Act Jurisdiction, Hobart.01 Mar 190031 Dec 1905

SC17 Correspondence of the Commissioner of Stamp Duties.01 Dec 190031 Jan 1904

SC554 Burnie District Registry - Register of Cases Heard in Local Courts Act Jurisdiction, Strahan.01 Jan 190231 Dec 1930

SC99 Documents in Cases on Appeal to the Privy Council.01 Jan 190231 Dec 1903

SC102 Register of the Filing of Plaints, Latrobe Sittings.13 Mar 190330 Jun 1909

SC410 Index to Register of Suits in Equity [Sc 62].01 Jan 190431 Dec 1922

SC54 Registers of Cases Heard under the Land and Income Tax Act 1910, with Judgements.01 Apr 190431 Dec 1978

SC103 Registers of Plaints Filed in Lower Courts Act Jurisdiction.01 Jan 190531 Dec 1940

AE318 Signed Judgements Nos.644-68001 Jan 190531 Dec 1917

SC379 Return of Cases Disposed of at Launceston.14 Apr 190514 Apr 1905

SC59 Plaints, Local Courts Act Jurisdiction, Burnie.01 Jan 190631 Dec 1927

SC538 Register of Cases Heard under Local Courts Act Jurisdiction, Burnie.01 Aug 190631 Dec 1934

SC487 Record of Cases Heard and Judgement given in Chambers "Practice Courts", Launceston.01 Jan 190731 Dec 1924

AF24 Register of Coroners' Oaths of Allegiance and Judicial Oaths24 Oct 190728 Mar 1991

SC68 Register of Duties paid on Real and Personal Estates.01 Jan 190831 Dec 1911

AC971 Register of Documents enrolled (2)01 Mar 190831 Dec 1995

SC155 Register of Court Orders Involving Judgement Summonses in Small Debts Act Jurisdiction, St Helens.26 Nov 190823 Jan 1932

SC194 Register of Judgement Summonses with Details of Amounts in Small Debts Act Jurisdiction, Woodbridge.01 Oct 190931 May 1953

SC122 "stated" Cases for the Opinion of Another Court.01 Jan 191231 Dec 1924

SC174 Fiats under the Crown Remedies Act 1891.01 Jan 191231 Dec 1932

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