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Inland Fisheries Commission
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Start Date:
21 Aug 1959
End Date:
15 Dec 1999
The Hobbs Report in 1958 recommended the creation of a composite State Fish & Wildlife Service. A compromise reform was adopted the following year with the creation of the Inland Fisheries Commission to replace the Salmon & Freshwater Fisheries Commissioners. DF Hobbs was appointed the first full-time Commissioner to the new body.

While the enabling legislation received Royal Assent in August 1959, the old Commission continued to meet until the end of the year. It was not until February of the following year that all members of the new Commission had been appointed and the new Commission's inaugural meeting was held.

The new Commission was charged with the management, control, protection and regulation of salmon fisheries and fisheries in inland waters. It progressively shifted its promotional work from breeding in special hatcheries to conservancy activities for the natural habitat of the trout in the State's rivers and lakes. Suggestions for a composite sea and inland fisheries service were revived in 1963 but subsequently rejected by the Government.

In 1989 the Commission became a branch of the newly formed Department of Primary Industry for administrative purposes. At this time a Government employee was added to the membership of the Commission which also consisted of the Commissioner and three Associate Commissioners representing the Angling Associations. Following a change of Government it was relocated, on 18 February 1992, into the Department of Parks, Wildlife & Heritage. In February the following year this Department in turn was amalgamated with the Department of Environment and Planning.

The Inland Fisheries Act 1995 made further significant reforms including the appointment of a Director of Inland Fisheries and creation of an Inland Fisheries Advisory Council. The Commission was abolished under the Inland Fisheries Amendment Act 1999 and replaced by the Inland Fisheries Service the following year.
Information Sources:
Department of Primary Industry annual report 1989-90
Legislation Administered:
Fisheries Act 1959
Legislation Creating:
Fisheries Act 1959
Legislation Abolishing Agency:
Inland Fisheries Amendment Act 1999
Previous Agencies:
Salmon & Freshwater Fisheries Commission (TA46)11 Dec 192518 Dec 1959
Sea Fisheries Advisory Board (TA195)01 Jan 194131 Dec 1976

Tasmanian Fisheries Development Authority (TA688)01 Jan 197731 Dec 1985
Subsequent Agencies:
Inland Fisheries Service (TA1740)01 Jan 2000
Series Created By Agency:
AA18 General Correspondence.01 Jan 196031 Dec 1987

AE797 Minutes & Agenda Papers of Meetings29 Feb 196015 Nov 1999