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Launceston General Hospital
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1820
Established in approximately 1820 as H.M. Colonial Hospital it had a varied existence in its early years, finishing in a former hotel. On 1 July 1854 it was transferred from Imperial to Colonial control as the Cornwall Hospital and Infirmary. Six trustees were appointed and subscriptions collected but the hospital relied on a government subsidy and the reliance increased each year. On 26 January 1863 the Hospital moved into a new building on the present site and the trustees became a Board of Management on 5 May when the present name, Launceston General Hospital, was adopted. The Board of Management was replaced, on 30 June 1871, by a Chief Medical Officer and Board of Visitors. In 1876 the Chief Medical Officer was superseded by a Surgeon Superintendant. In 1878 the government legislated to provide a new Board of Management for the Hospital, which was appointed in January 1879. Further legislation in 1918 replaced the Board, in 1919, with the Launceston Public Hospitals District Board. An amendment to the Act in 1949 reconstituted the Board but had little effect on the Hospital. The Board was reconstituted administratively in 1990, giving further impetus to the integration of community health services with the Hospital's operations. From 1991 the Hospital came under the control of the Northern Regional Health Board, a management experiment that was abandoned in 1997 when Departmental control was reasserted over the Hospital. In 1972 the Gynaecology department was transferred to the Queen Victoria Hospital. When the latter closed in 1995 its staff and services were transferred to a wing of the Launceston General Hospital.
Legislation Creating:
Administrative action (Imperial).
Functions Performed:
Health care
Controlled Agencies:
Evandale Hospital (TA2187)01 Jan 194731 Dec 1979
Previous Agencies:
Flinders District Hospital (TA467)01 Jan 194231 Dec 1981

Queen Victoria Hospital (TA460)01 Jan 195231 Dec 1995
Series Created By Agency:
AB636 Greeting Cards.01 Jan 1820

AB614 Register of Board of Management Membership.01 Jan 187931 Dec 1927

AB587 Minutes of Meetings of the Board of Management.20 Jan 187914 Jul 1949

AB620 Government Monies Cash Book.23 Jun 187912 Apr 1887

AB595 Miscellaneous Correspondence.01 Jan 188031 Dec 1934

AB641 Photographs.01 Jan 188031 Dec 1980

AB640 Plans.01 Jan 188131 Dec 1934

AB621 Endowment Account Cash Book.02 Feb 188125 Mar 1887

AB600 Inventory of Instruments.01 Jan 188231 Dec 1890

AB622 Samaritan Fund Cash Book.02 Nov 188501 Mar 1887

AB594 Letterbook of the Board of Management.11 Sep 188630 Aug 1905

AB619 Bequests and Donations Fund Cash Book.25 Mar 188730 Jun 1942

AB604 Medical Register.25 Mar 188926 Aug 1899

AB612 Nurses' Register of Training and Employment01 Jan 189131 Dec 1912

AF708 Summary of Maintenance Needs01 Jan 189231 Dec 1896

AB626 Children's Cottage Hospital Fund Cash Book.20 Aug 189201 Apr 1915

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AB625 Children's Convalescent Home Fund Cash Book.22 Dec 189228 Feb 1915

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AB637 Press Cuttings.01 Jan 189831 Dec 1963

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AB588 Minutes of Meetings of the Visiting Committee.05 Dec 189810 Apr 1951

AB602 Letterbook of the Surgeon-Superintendent.17 Aug 189914 Aug 1909

AB630 Honoraries' Attendance Book.01 Jan 190031 Dec 1949

AB627 Gibson's Convalescent Home Fund Cash Book.28 Feb 190231 Mar 1915

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AB597 Index to Admissions.01 Jan 191531 Dec 1942

AB624 Ledger of Various Bequests and Donation Funds.01 Jan 191531 Dec 1950

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AB611 Gatekeeper's Book.14 Dec 192703 Jan 1932

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AB638 Press Cuttings relating to the Royal Hobart Hospital.01 Jan 193131 Dec 1937

AB789 Correspondence about Buildings.01 Jan 193431 Dec 1966

AB618 Analysis of Receipts and Expenditure.05 Jul 193430 Jun 1972

AB634 Evidence before the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works Enquiring Into the Launceston Public Hospital.01 Jan 193531 Dec 1935

AB616 Register of Fees paid.03 Sep 193603 Oct 1940

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AB635 Material associated with the 1963 Hospital Centenary.01 Jan 194331 Dec 1963

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AB609 Report Book - Ward G.16 Jul 194812 Aug 1948

AB592 Minutes of Meetings of the Visiting Staff Committee.02 Dec 194808 Aug 1949

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AB644 Photographs of the Cosgrove Park Home for the Aged.10 Mar 195431 Dec 1980

AB633 Nurses' Graduation Programmes.01 Jan 196231 Dec 1975

AB639 Material associated with the 125Th Anniversary.01 Jan 198831 Dec 1988