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Meercroft Hospital
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1925
End Date:
10 Jan 1958
Arthur Munnew died on 4 July 1923, leaving his entire estate to Devonport Municipality to provide a convalescent home or hospital. Some time in 1925 the Council opened a convalescent home in "Meercroft", Munnew's former home. By 1935 it was functioning as a private hospital. In 1947 the Council signed an agreement transferring the bequest to the Minister for Health on condition that he rebuild the hospital, which would be renamed the Munnew Memorial Hospital. The Meercroft Hospital Agreement Act 1947 received Royal Assent on 19 December and the Minister operated the hospital until 16 December 1949 when (an amending Act having empowered him to continue the hospital and appoint a Board) a Public Hospitals District was proclaimed and Meercroft was proclaimed a District Hospital. The Meercroft continued to function as a District Hospital until 10 January 1958 when it merged with the Devon Hospital to form the Mersey General Hospital. Thereafter only maternity and outpatient services were provided at the Meercroft site.~
Legislation Creating:
Meercroft Hospital Agreement Act, 1947 11 & 12 Geo.VI No.87
Functions Performed:
Health care
Devon Public Hospital (TA973)24 Jul 192510 Jan 1958
Subsequent Agencies:
Mersey General Hospital (TA444)10 Jan 195822 Jul 1995
Series Created By Agency:
HSD61 Cash Book of the Meercroft Hospital.01 Apr 192531 Dec 1955

HSD292 Orders for Admission to the Meercroft Hospital.01 Jan 194530 Jun 1947

AB809 Admission Register.01 May 194831 Aug 1958

AC31 Patient Files - Maternity.01 Jan 195031 Dec 1958

HSD60 Receipts Cash Book.01 Jan 195031 Dec 1959