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South West Advisory Committee
Agency Number:
Start Date:
17 Nov 1975
End Date:
31 Dec 1978
The Committee was esablished by Minister Batt to examine the plan prepared under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1970 for the use, development and management of reserved lands in South-West Tasmania. It was to advise on the plan's suitability, any alterations it recommended to the plan and any alterations to the reserved land boundaries.
Legislation Creating:
National Parks & Wildlife Act 1970 Sect 12. Minister for National Parks & Wildlife NLC Batt 17/11/1975
The South-West Committee (NG3050)12 Nov 1962
Subsequent Agencies:
South-West Tasmania Committee (TA2192)01 Aug 197931 Dec 1982
Series Created By Agency:
AG121 General Correspondence13 Sep 197330 Apr 1978

AG128 Draft Management Plans01 Nov 197431 Dec 1975

AA689 General Records relating to the Committee.01 Jan 197531 Aug 1978

AA690 Submissions Nos 1-113.01 Jan 197531 Dec 1975

AG124 Minutes and Agenda Papers of the Committee14 Nov 197526 May 1978

AA691 Submissions - Stage 2.01 Jan 197631 Mar 1978

AG129 Preliminary Report01 May 197631 May 1976

AG130 Press Releases and Advertising01 Jun 197631 May 1977