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Adult Education Board (1)
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1948
End Date:
29 Feb 1976
The organization and development of adult education activities in Tasmania.
Legislation Administered:
23/1948 Adult Education Act,41/1967 An Act to amend the Education Act 1932,55/1971 An Act to amend the Adult Education Act 1948,47/1975 An Act to amend the Education Act 1932 in respect of Adult Education and to repeal the Adult Education Act 1948
Legislation Creating:
Adult Education Act 1948
Functions Performed:
Education and training
Kenneth Gethley Brooks (NG1747)01 Jan 190906 Dec 1994

John Tydde (NG3020)01 Jan 1920
Subsequent Agencies:
Adult Education Board (2) (TA329)01 Mar 1976

Division of Adult Education (TA976)01 Mar 197631 Dec 2006
Series Created By Agency:
AC515 Adult Migrant Education - English Language Certificate.01 Jan 194831 Dec 1976

AA337 Drama Notes and Scripts.01 Jan 194831 Dec 1975

AA332 General Correspondence - Hobart Office.01 Jan 194931 Dec 1978

AA330 Minutes of Meetings, Partially Indexed.01 Feb 194929 Feb 1976

AC510 Adult Migrant Education - Admission Register.20 Oct 194917 Dec 1955

AA334 Circulars - Reports, Course Outlines Etc.01 Jan 195031 Dec 1963

AB322 Director's Subject Files.01 Jan 195031 Dec 1985

AA335 Reports and Financial Statements.01 Jan 195031 Dec 1958

AA331 Minutes of Meetings of the Bronte Park Adult Education Committee.30 Oct 195023 Jun 1952

AA724 Press Cuttings and Press Releases.01 Jan 195231 Dec 1981

AA336 Correspondence with District Adult Education Groups.01 Jan 195631 Dec 1977

AA333 Correspondence concerning the "Derwent" Series of Plays.01 Jan 195831 Dec 1968

AA725 Copies of Addresses.01 Jan 195931 Dec 1963

AB681 Directors' Reports01 Dec 195931 Jan 1976

AA338 Staff Files.01 Jan 196031 Dec 1972

AA339 Administration and Course Files of the Domain House Centre.01 Jan 196131 Dec 1971

AB680 Minutes of Meetings-Northern Advisory Committee for Adult Education.01 Nov 196130 Nov 1961

AC512 Adult Migrant Education - Admission Register for Continuation Classes.01 Jan 196531 Dec 1980

AC513 Adult Migrant Education - Journal of English Test Results.25 Oct 196520 Dec 1979

AB682 Administrative Correspondence Files.01 Jan 196631 Dec 1985

AA340 Administration and Course Files of the Devonport Regional Office.01 Jan 197031 Dec 1976

AC511 Adult Migrant Education-Journal of Intensive English Course.31 May 197124 Nov 1978

AA723 Files relating to Courses, Weekend, Summer Schools, Grange Weekends and Courses Etc.01 Jan 197331 Dec 1985

AC665 Adult Migrant Education - Journal of Accelerated English Course.04 Mar 197505 Dec 1980