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Audit Department
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1826
End Date:
03 Feb 1993
Audit of moneys, accounts, stores and property of the treasurer and all public bodies.

In February 1993 the Department was renamed the Tasmanian Audit Office.
Legislation Administered:
Audit Acts 1858, 1875, 1877, 1886, 1888, 1890, 1901, 1903, 1919, 1924, 1937, 1939 and amendments (repealed 1990). Financial Management and Audit Act 1990.
Legislation Creating:
Appointment of G.T.W.B. Boyes as colonial auditor. See GO33/2 p1
Legislation Abolishing Agency:
Administrative Arrangements Order 1993 (Statutory Rule No. 6 of 1993)
Previous Agencies:
Commissariat Department (TA58)01 Jan 180431 Dec 1895
Subsequent Agencies:
Tasmanian Audit Office (TA1838)03 Feb 1993
Series Created By Agency:
AUD1 General Correspondence received from Other Departments.01 Jan 183931 Dec 1858

AUD63 Examples of Treasury Vouchers.01 Mar 184931 Dec 1950

AUD17 Registers of the Payment of Salaries and Other Allowances to Officers of Public Authorities.01 Jan 185231 Dec 1972

AUD15 Estimates for the Colony.01 Jan 185331 Dec 1864

AUD45 Register of the Payment of Salaries to Officers of the Police, Gaols, Medical Department and Water Police.01 Jan 185531 Dec 1857

AUD16 Warrants issued to the Colonial Treasury and Forwarded to the Department Authorising Salary Payment.01 Oct 185530 Nov 1855

AUD48 Register of Purchases of Debentures Raised under Various Acts.01 Feb 185731 Jan 1884

AUD4 Governor-in-Council Authorities, General Series, and associated Papers.03 Jan 185931 Dec 1880

AUD34 General Letterbooks.12 Nov 186329 Aug 1905

AUD49 Tasmanian Government Debenture Forms for ?100 and ?500 issued under Various Acts.01 Jan 186531 Dec 1894

AUD2 Correspondence and associated Papers about Tenders.01 Jan 186831 Dec 1871

AUD44 Governor-in-Council Authorities for Payments to Paupers.01 Jul 186831 Dec 1871

AUD36 Letterbooks of Correspondence to Municipalities and Road Trusts.26 Oct 187518 Dec 1903

AUD56 Abstracts of Accounts Returned by Main Roads Boards.01 Jan 188031 Dec 1903

AUD37 Letterbooks of Correspondence to Local Authorities and Marine Boards.08 Oct 188001 Jun 1905

AUD5 Governor-in-Council Authorities and associated Papers to Provide for Unestimated Expenditure, Series a.01 Jan 188131 Dec 1959

AUD39 Letterbooks about "Errors and Omissions".04 May 188113 Sep 1886

AUD51 Register of Insurance Policies Taken out on Behalf of Some Officers of the Public Service and Individuals Who were with the Tasmanian Contingent in South Africa.01 Jan 188231 Dec 1904

AUD46 Register of Audit Queries with Responses.01 Apr 188230 Apr 1887

AUD6 Governor-in-Council Authorities and associated Papers relating to the Permanent Public Service, Series B.01 Jan 188330 Jun 1959

AUD52 Register of Tax paid by Various Companies (Indexed).01 Jan 188331 Dec 1901

AUD38 Letterbooks about Audit Inspections.13 Jun 188305 Aug 1903

AUD19 Abstracts of Accounts Returned by Town Boards.01 Jan 188631 Dec 1904

AUD42 Auditor-General's Letterbooks.30 Apr 188612 Oct 1905

AUD35 Letterbooks of Correspondence to the Collectors of Customs Hobart and Launceston, and to Various Landing Waiters.14 Sep 188618 Sep 1896

AUD47 Notes Prepared for Auditors' Checks Within Various Agencies.01 Jan 188731 Dec 1912

AB475 Monthly Register of Expenditure under Public Works Execution Acts and Government Departments.01 Jan 188831 Dec 1933

AUD11 Registers of Governor-in-Council Authorities Series a and B.01 Jan 188931 Dec 1953

AUD21 Abstract of Expenditure in the Construction of the Devonport Water Works.01 Jul 189030 Nov 1894

AUD64 Examples of Vouchers Submitted As Evidence of Revenue received from Various Sources.01 Jan 189131 Dec 1897

AUD41 Letterbook about Expenditure Queries.08 Dec 189215 Mar 1894

AUD40 Letterbook of Queries about Vouchers.31 Dec 189304 Feb 1896

AUD55 Abstracts of Accounts Returned by Marine Boards.01 Jan 189431 Dec 1904

AUD28 Returns of Ships arriving at Burnie, Circular Head, Devonport, Launceston, Penguin and Strahan.01 Jun 189431 Dec 1895

AUD59 Abstract of Accounts Returned by Water Trusts.01 Jan 189531 Dec 1912

AUD8 Governor-in-Council Authorities and associated Papers Transferring Amounts from One Vote to Another, Series D.01 Jan 189630 Sep 1908

AUD7 Miscellaneous Governor-in-Council Authorities and associated Papers, Old Series C.01 Jan 189631 Dec 1919

AUD29 Cancelled Licence for George Adams to Lotteries.01 Jun 189731 Jul 1899

AUD58 Abstracts of Accounts Returned by Cemetery Trusts.01 Jan 189931 Dec 1918

AUD50 Register of Debentures issued under Various Acts for Special Projects Within the Municipalities and Local Authorities (Indexed).01 Jan 190031 Dec 1935

AUD43 Governor-in-Council Authorities to Provide Money for Additional Works under the Public Works Execution Act, 49/1901, Series E.01 Apr 190231 Aug 1903

AUD20 Abstracts of Accounts Returned by Road Trusts.01 Jan 190331 Dec 1905

AUD22 Register of Governor's Warrants.01 Jan 190631 Dec 1912

AUD12 Register of Authorities Submitted to the Auditor-General, Series a, D and E01 Jul 190630 Jun 1918

AUD57 Abstracts of Accounts Returned by Municipalities.01 Jan 190831 Dec 1912

AUD9 Governor-in-Council Authorities and associated Papers relating to the Tenancy of Properties, Series E.01 Jan 190931 Dec 1923

AUD31 Correspondence Register Files 1-151.01 Jan 191031 Dec 1922

AUD30 General Correspondence, Files 2-151.01 Jan 191031 Dec 1922

AUD32 Index to Correspondence Register.01 Jan 191031 Dec 1922

AUD23 Register of Accounts Submitted for Examination.01 Jan 191131 Dec 1912

AUD53 Financial Statements and Annual Reports of Hospitals.01 Jan 191331 Dec 1930

AUD14 Alphabetical Register of Authorities relating to Land Transactions.01 Jul 191930 Jun 1921

AUD13 Alphabetical Register of Governor-in- Council Authorities Series C.01 Jan 192131 Dec 1934

AUD10 Governor-in-Council Authorities and associated Papers relating to Temporary Employment.01 Jan 192131 Dec 1947

AD278 Correspondence and associated Papers relating to Annual Audit of Government Agencies and Other Organisations.01 Jan 192231 Dec 1988

AUD33 General Correspondence, Files Cr 1/4 - M46.01 Jan 192231 Dec 1941

AD607 Register of Audited Bodies, Cemetery Trusts (Ct), Hospitals (H), Libraries (L), Tourist Associations (Ta), Miscellaneous Audited Institutions (Mai), Fruit Boards (Fb), Fire Brigad01 Jan 192231 Dec 1942

AD605 Register of Audited Bodies, Government Departments (Gd).01 Jan 192231 Dec 1942

AD606 Register of Audited Bodies, Municipalities (M), Marine Boards & Harbour Trusts (Mb), & Water Trusts (Wt).01 Jan 192231 Dec 1942

AD604 Audited Files of Tourist Associations.11 Aug 192214 Jan 1942

AUD61 Correspondence and associated Papers of Launceston Office.01 Jan 192331 Dec 1936

AUD60 Deputy Auditor-General's File relating to the Royal Commission Into the Returned Soldiers Settlement Board.01 Jan 192631 Dec 1926

AB474 Contract Register.01 Jan 192731 Dec 1935

AF374 Reports of the Auditor-General01 Jan 192931 Dec 1986

AD608 Audited Statements of Tourist Associations.01 Jan 193131 Dec 1964

AUD54 Financial Statements from Libraries.01 Jan 193131 Dec 1951

AUD24 Summaries of Rates collected by Municipalities and Corporations.01 Jul 193930 Jun 1941

AD610 Audited Files.01 Jan 194131 Dec 1973

AD553 Registers of Correspondence for Fire Brigades.01 Jan 194131 Dec 1980

AUD25 Summaries of Rates collected by Water Trusts.01 Jul 194130 Jun 1943

AUD3 Correspondence about the Valuation of State Property for War Damage Insurance.01 Jan 194231 Dec 1943

AC862 Register of Correspondence with Miscellaneous Audited Bodies.01 Jan 194231 Dec 1970

AD552 Registers of Correspondence for Regional Committees, Tourist Associations and Stores.01 Jan 194231 Dec 1970

AD475 Subject Index and Register of Correspondence.01 Jan 194231 Dec 1970

AUD62 Examples of Audited Records from Tasmanian Government Tourist Bureau and Lachlan Park Hospital.01 Jan 194730 Jun 1954

AUD18 Register of the Payment of Salaries and Other Allowances to Officers of the Education Department.01 Jul 194830 Jun 1949

AUD27 Treasury Cash Sheets of Expenditure.01 Jul 194930 Jun 1954

AUD26 Treasury Cash Sheets of Revenue.01 Jul 194930 Jun 1954

AB470 Register of Governor-in-Council Authorities, Series a, B and C.01 Jan 195331 Dec 1962

AF762 Personnel Files08 Feb 195412 Jul 2005

AD612 Record Copies of History, Rules and Regulations for Audited Agencies and Organisations.01 Jan 196031 Dec 1963

AD611 Record Copies of Audit Programmes.01 Jan 196231 Dec 1963

AB471 Registers of Governor-in Council Authorities, Series a, B, C and D.01 Jan 196331 Dec 1980

AD551 Register of Correspondence for Government Grants.01 Jan 197231 Dec 1982