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Commissariat Department
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1804
End Date:
31 Dec 1895
Provide food, clothing and other stores. In the early years the Commissariat (or Government Store) also served the general population. Initially established in each British colony under the control of the Governor, in 1813 an Office of the Commissary-General was created within the Imperial Army but subject to the Treasury, and in each colony the local Commissariat Department operated as a Branch of the imperial Office until its abolition in 1830. Unlike other colonies New South Wales and Van Diemens Land, because of their isolation and the number of convicts they were responsible for, continued to operate Commissary Departments on their Imperial Establishments. Most of the Commissariats responsibilities for colonial finances were transferred to the colonial Treasury when it was established in 1824 and the rest to the colonial Audit Department created in 1826. The Commissariat Department continued to serve the imperial establishment, expanding with it and ultimately contracting to the point where its sole remaining function was the payment of imperial pensions. In 1895 it was transferred to the colonial Treasury as the Imperial Pensions Branch.~
Legislation Creating:
Administrative action (Imperial)
Controlling Agencies:
Governor's Office (TA315)01 Jan 1825
Convict Department (TA60)01 Jan 181831 Dec 1877
Subsequent Agencies:
Treasury Department (TA91)01 Jan 182417 Jul 1989

Audit Department (TA57)01 Jan 182603 Feb 1993
Series Created By Agency:
CD6 Register of the Issue of Paints, Painting Supplies, Glass and Other Material from the Store.14 Aug 182410 Mar 1826

CD7 Alphabetical Register of Stores issued from the Ordnance Magazine.02 Jul 182710 Mar 1828

CD8 Register of Articles issued from the Ordnance Magazine for Church and School Establishments.19 Feb 182815 Feb 1831

AC811 Monthly Abstracts and Returns of Provisions issued from his Majesty's Magazines at Brighton.01 Dec 182830 Jun 1830

CD11 Daily Register of Articles issued from the Colonial Store.01 Jan 183031 Mar 1835

CD12 Index to Daily Register of Articles issued from the Colonial Store.01 Jan 183031 Dec 1835

CD9 Ledgers showing Quarterly Totals of Goods received and issued by the Colonial Store.01 Jan 183031 Mar 1835

CD20 Register of Receipt Into the Colonial Store of Materials Ordered showing Source of Supply and, for Goods Bought by Tender or on Special Purchase Authority, Price paid.05 Jan 183031 Mar 1835

CD13 Register of Articles Borrowed by Various Departments from the Colonial Store.02 Oct 183029 Mar 1831

CD14 List of All Stores issued to the Civil Engineers' Department.01 Jan 183231 Dec 1833

CD15 Check List of the Contents of Cases Despatched with Colonial or Convict Stores.15 Jun 183218 Jan 1834

CD21 Draft Lists of Supplies Required by the Colonial Store, and Advertised for Tender.19 Jun 183214 Jan 1834

CD10 Index to Ledgers showing Quarterly Totals of Goods received and issued by the Colonial Store.01 Oct 183231 Mar 1835

CD38 Half Yearly Estimates of Stationery Required by the Colonial Establishments.01 Jan 183330 Jun 1842

CD37 Miscellaneous Papers relating to Stores.01 Jan 183331 Dec 1853

CD16 Daily Register of Articles issued from the Colonial Store with Signature of Person Accepting Delivery.25 Apr 183306 Mar 1836

CD17 Register of Articles received or issued by the Colonial Store under General Authorities Based on Regular Monthly Estimates.22 Jul 183324 Feb 1836

CD1 Ordnance Storekeepers' Inward Correspondence.06 Aug 183318 Nov 1835

CD22 List of Articles received from Contractors, Kings Yard and Other Sources.01 Oct 183330 Jun 1835

CD18 Authorities for the Periodic Issue of Items from the Colonial Store.01 Nov 183329 Feb 1836

CD23 Authorities issued to Enable the Ordnance Storekeeper to Purchase Stores and Individual Tenders received.12 Dec 183306 Jun 1835

CD24 Receipts for Articles received at the Colonial Store.07 Jan 183408 May 1839

CD25 Tenders for the Supply of Materials to the Colonial Store, with Schedules.25 Feb 183431 Jan 1836

CD26 Merchants' Bills for Articles supplied to the Colonial Store.01 Mar 183431 Jan 1836

CD39 Draft Inventory of Items in the Colonial Store.31 Mar 183431 Mar 1834

CD4 Index to Deputy Assistant Commissary - Generals' Letterbook.10 Apr 183410 Dec 1835

CD27 Way Bill for the Delivery of Stores to Colonial Establishments.10 Jun 183417 Feb 1836

CD28 Schedules of Tenders received for Stores Advertised by the Assistant Commissary- General.15 Aug 183422 Aug 1834

CD29 Register of Purchases by the Colonial Store showing When Tenders Called, or How supplied If Not by Tender.01 Oct 183431 Jan 1835

CD30 Semi-Monthly Summary of Accounts Due to Merchants for Delivery of Stores to the Ordnance Magazine.01 Oct 183429 Feb 1836

CD31 Register of Inter-Departmental Requisitions Made by the Colonial Store.29 Oct 183402 Feb 1836

CD19 Register of Inter-Departmental Issues Made by the Colonial Store.03 Nov 183403 Mar 1836

CD32 Orders, Bills and Receipts relating to Stores Purchased by the Colonial Store.20 Jan 183526 Oct 1835

CD33 Alphabetical Ledger of Receipt and Issue of Stores.01 Apr 183529 Feb 1836

CD34 Register of Contractors Receipts for Articles supplied to the Colonial Store showing Price paid As Per Tender or As a Special Purchase Authority.08 Apr 183501 Mar 1836

CD35 Register of Colonial Store Tender and Special Authority Purchases.27 May 183530 Jan 1836

CD3 Deputy Assistant Commissary-Generals' Letterbook.10 Apr 183610 Dec 1836

CD5 Departmental Orders and Memoranda.20 Dec 183905 Jan 1867

CD40 Regulations, Scales of Diets, Samples of Forms, Rules Governing Issue of Stores, Etc., for the Guidance of Institutions Connected with the Convict Department.01 Jan 184531 Dec 1856

CD42 Monthly Account of Stores received, issued and remaining at the Magazine, Macquarie Harbour.01 Apr 184631 Oct 1847

CD43 Correspondence with T. H. Lempriere, Commissariat Office, Macquarie Harbour.01 Aug 184630 Apr 1847

CD36 Copies of Bonds entered Into by Suppliers of Goods, Contracts Drawn Up by Purveyors of Services, and Some associated Correspondence respecting Victualling and Transport of Troops a01 May 185630 Nov 1859

CD2 Correspondence from the Paymaster-Generals' Office, London, to the Commissariat Officer- in-Charge of the Treasury Chest, Hobart.13 Dec 186114 Dec 1865

CD41 Vouchers for Imperial Funds Expended in the Victualling and Payment of Troops, Convict Services Etc.01 Jan 186831 Dec 1869