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Convict Department
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1818
End Date:
31 Dec 1877
The Convict Department was part of the Imperial (as distinct from Colonial) establishment and was directly responsible to the Governor. By 1871 the number of Imperial convict (or ex-convicts in lunatic asylums) was so few that they were transferred to colonial custody, though their costs continued to be met out of Imperial funds. (For details, see the Guide to the Public Records of Tasmania, Section Three).~
Legislation Creating:
Lt-Governor Davey
Controlled Agencies:
Royal Hobart Hospital (TA441)01 Jan 1820
Controlling Agencies:
Lieutenant-Governor's Office (TA863)16 Feb 180403 Dec 1825

Governor's Office (TA315)01 Jan 1825
Medical Department (TA768)12 Sep 180306 Jan 1904

Commissariat Department (TA58)01 Jan 180431 Dec 1895

Committee of Officers for Reviewing Convict Expenditure (TA736)01 Jan 184331 Dec 1870
Subsequent Agencies:
Gaol (Branch) (TA31)01 Jan 182331 Dec 1936
Series Created By Agency:
CON40 Conduct Registers of Female Convicts arriving in the Period of the Assignment System.01 Jan 180331 Dec 1843

CON31 Conduct Registers of Male Convicts arriving in the Period of the Assignment System.01 Jan 180331 Dec 1843

CON23 Alphabetical Registers of Male Convicts.01 Jan 180430 Jun 1840

CON22 Comprehensive Registers of Convicts.01 Jan 180431 Dec 1853

CON13 Assignment Lists and associated Papers.01 Jan 181012 Aug 1859

CON70 Convicts' Personal Conduct Sheets.01 Jan 181031 Dec 1869

CON135 Forms used in the Administration of Penal Establishments on Tasman's Peninsula01 Jan 181831 Dec 1877

CON25 List of Ships Transporting Male Prisoners from 1817 to 1853.01 Jan 181831 Dec 1877

CON27 Appropriation Lists of Convicts.01 Jan 182231 Dec 1846

CON78 Northern Tasmania - Alphabetical Conduct Registers of Convicts Living in Northern Tasmania.01 Jan 182231 Dec 1844

CON79 Northern Tasmania - Muster Roll of Male Convicts in George Town and Launceston.01 Oct 182331 Oct 1823

CON72 Hulk Lists.01 Jan 182431 Dec 1851

CON14 Indents of Male Convicts.27 Jul 182426 May 1853

CON80 Northern Tasmania - Register of Male Convicts assigned in the North.01 Oct 182431 Oct 1824

CON69 Descriptive Lists of Convicts Compiled by Surgeons - Superintendent.01 Jan 182531 Dec 1845

CON18 Description Lists of Male Convicts.01 Jan 182831 Dec 1853

CON32 Supplementary Conduct Registers.01 Jan 182831 Dec 1853

CON145 Register of Convicts tried in Tasmania and Sentenced to Penal Settlements. Indexed.01 May 182830 Apr 1834

CON81 Northern Tasmania - Register of Passes to Travel granted to Convicts assigned in the North.01 Sep 182831 Jan 1833

CON19 Description Lists of Female Convicts.01 Oct 182831 Dec 1853

CON43 Page from a Register of Convicts' Convictions.19 Jan 182919 Mar 1829

CON45 Alphabetical Registers of Applications for Indulgences.01 Jul 182931 May 1851

CON85 Macquarie Harbour - Commandant's Letter Book.20 Aug 182913 Sep 1833

CON55 Register of Certificates of Freedom granted.01 Jan 183031 Dec 1844

CON2 Miscellaneous Unregistered Correspondence and associated Documents.01 Jan 183131 Dec 1868

CON122 Proteus Cash List.01 Jan 183131 Dec 1831

CON95 Prisoners Barracks, Hobart - Superintendents' Inward Correspondence.08 Mar 183123 Oct 1840

CON15 Indents of Female Convicts.09 May 183124 Feb 1853

CON20 Description Lists of Convicts arriving on Minor Ships or convicted Locally.01 Jan 183231 Dec 1853

CON83 Northern Tasmania - Alphabetical List of Ticket-of-Leave Holders in Northern Tasmania, showing Employers.01 Jan 183231 Dec 1835

CON9 Muster-Master's Letterbook.01 Apr 183230 Nov 1832

CON84 Northern Tasmania - Alphabetical Register of the Appropriation of Convicts in the North.01 Jan 183331 Dec 1835

CON50 Convicts' Memorials Seeking Permission to Marry.01 Mar 183331 Aug 1853

CON77 Miscellaneous Convict Documents.01 Apr 183331 Dec 1874

CON139 Female House of Correction, Hobart - Register of Female Convicts admitted to the Factory, showing Number of Days Victualled.31 May 183331 Mar 1834

AF877 Disposal of Convicts in Hard Labour Gangs09 Jul 183331 Dec 1833

CON44 Convicts' Memorials for Indulgences.01 Sep 183318 Sep 1866

CON26 "the Names and Descriptions of All Male and Female Convicts Arrived in the Colony of New South Wales During the Year 1833". Printed.01 Jan 183431 Dec 1834

CON52 Registers of Applications for Permission to Marry.01 Jan 183431 Dec 1858

CON86 Tasman's Peninsula - Letters from the Colonial Secretary to the Commandant, Port Arthur.09 Jan 183424 Jan 1834

CON126 Tasman's Peninsula - Return of Convicts Embarked for Port Arthur by the Ships Tamar, Isabella, Shamrock, and Lady Franklin.25 Jan 183430 Jun 1855

AD764 Northern Tasmania - Register of Tickets of Leave, Conditional Pardons and Certificates of Freedom issued.12 Apr 183415 Oct 1835

CON108 Register of the Distribution of 230 Male Convicts Per Arab.01 Jul 183431 Jul 1834

CON54 Register of Convicts' Memorials to have Wives and Families sent from England.06 Oct 183407 Nov 1843

CON16 Indents of Convicts Locally convicted or Transported from Other Colonies.01 Feb 183530 Nov 1853

CON154 Prisoners Barracks, Hobart - Memos, Letters, and Instructions received by the Superintendent.01 Apr 183531 Dec 1843

CON12 Registers of Documents received and sent concerning Convicts ("character Books").01 Jan 183628 Dec 1853

CON87 Tasman's Peninsula - Architectural Drawings of Buildings at Penal Settlements on Tasman's Peninsula.01 Jan 183631 Dec 1836

AF584 Record of Prisoners tried at the Coal Mines, Tasman Peninsula03 Feb 183602 Jul 1841

CON62 Conditional Pardons01 Jan 183730 Apr 1868

CON125 Tasman's Peninsula - Miscellaneous Memoranda and Other Papers relating to Port Arthur01 Jan 183726 Dec 1876

CON75 Pass Forms.01 Sep 183730 Sep 1881

CON71 British and Other Documents Accompanying Convicts.01 Jan 183831 Dec 1852

CON117 List of Female Convicts under Sentence of Transportation in the House of Correction at Liverpool.01 Jan 183831 Dec 1838

CON73 Journal of Moneys paid Into the Savings Bank on Behalf of Convicts.27 Jul 183831 Dec 1853

CON102 Prisoners Barracks, Hobart - Miscellaneous Papers.02 Aug 183829 May 1856

CON115 Surgeon-Superintendent's Receipt for the Arrival of a Convict on Board the Majestic at Woolwich.24 Sep 183824 Sep 1838

AE677 Warrants for Removal of Prisoners to Port Arthur19 Nov 183822 Jan 1857

CON114 Descriptive Lists of Male and Female Convicts to Be Embarked for Van Diemen's Land from Various Prisons in the United Kingdom.01 Jan 183931 Dec 1851

CB55/1 Letterbook of the Superintendent of the Bridgewater Road Station.21 Dec 183920 May 1845

CON33 Conduct Registers of Male Convicts arriving in the Period of the Probation System.01 Jan 184031 Dec 1853

CON37 Conduct Registers of Male Convicts arriving on Non-Convict Ships or Locally convicted.01 Jan 184031 Dec 1893

CON39 Conduct Registers of Male Convicts Whose Records were transferred from the Probation Series, and of Certain Others.01 Jan 184031 Dec 1846

CON38 Index to Conduct Registers of Male Convicts arriving on Non-Convict Ships or Locally convicted.01 Jan 184031 Dec 1893

CON146 Returns of Convicts Charged and Sentenced at Hobart and Launceston.01 Jan 184030 Jun 1840

CON3 Memoranda from the Superintendent, Prisoners' Barracks, Hobart, to the Principal Superintendent of Convicts relating to Disposal of Convicts.03 Jan 184027 Apr 1840

CON107 Description List of Persons convicted by Courts Martial.01 May 184031 Aug 1840

CON106 Northern Tasmania - Return of Convicts employed in Public Works, George Town.30 May 184031 Dec 1842

CON111 Return of Convicts Whose Existing Sentences of Transportation have Been Extended.06 Jun 184013 Jun 1840

CON63 Registers of Convicts' Deaths.10 Jun 184005 Jul 1874

CON24 Index of Male Convicts arriving under the Probation System.30 Jun 184030 Dec 1845

CON96 Prisoners Barracks, Hobart - Registers of Rations issued to Prisoners.01 Apr 184131 Mar 1851

CON65 Register of the Appointment and Removal of Officers at Various Probation Stations.01 Jun 184130 Jun 1844

CON82 Northern Tasmania - Register of Passes to Convicts in the North, Together with Quarterly Muster Rolls.04 Sep 184102 Nov 1844

CON151 Bible for Convict Transport Triton.01 Jan 184231 Dec 1842

AF583 Prisoners Barracks, Hobart - Nominal Return from January 184201 Jan 1842

CON59 Register of Free Pardons issued.01 Jan 184210 Dec 1846

CON110 Register of the Conduct of Convicts before and After Marriage.01 Jan 184231 Dec 1843

CON56 Registers of Conditional Pardons issued.01 Jan 184220 May 1856

AC480 Prisoner's Barracks, Hobart - Record of Charges Laid Against Convicts under Sentence.17 Mar 184209 Apr 1846

CON28 Registers of the Distribution of Male Convicts to Probation Stations.06 Apr 184218 Jan 1846

CON61 Absolute Pardons11 Aug 184208 Jul 1867

CON1 General Correspondence of the Comptroller General of Convicts.01 Jan 184331 Dec 1869

CON10 Registrar's Letterbook.27 Jan 184322 Dec 1843

CON57 Registers of Conditional Pardons ("general Passes Nos. 1 & 2") issued.21 Nov 184328 Feb 1844

CON41 Conduct Registers of Female Convicts arriving in the Period of the Probation System.01 Jan 184431 Dec 1853

CON35 Conduct Registers of Male Convicts arriving under the Assignment System on Non-Convict Ships and on Strength in Nov 1844.01 Jan 184431 Dec 1844

CON34 Conduct Registers of Male Convicts arriving under the Assignment System on Strength in Nov 1844.01 Jan 184431 Dec 1892

CON36 Index to Conduct Register of Male Convicts arriving under the Assignment System on Non-Convict Ships and on Strength in Nov 1844.01 Jan 184431 Dec 1844

CON147 Ledger of Money Held on Behalf of Convicts.01 Jan 184431 Dec 1851

CON97 Prisoners Barracks, Hobart - Register of Charges Laid and Sentences Imposed on Prisoners under Probation.01 Jan 184418 Feb 1854

CON166 Prisoners Barracks, Hobart - Minutes of Hearings by Magistrates of Charges Against Prisoners in the Barracks.08 Apr 184412 Jun 1845

CON98 Prisoners Barracks, Hobart - Salary Abstracts of Officers employed.01 Jun 184431 May 1852

AA215 Northern Tasmania - Register of the Receipt and Discharge (Launceston Prisoners Barracks?) of Prisoners in Transit.03 Jun 184412 Aug 1847

CON17 Indents of Male Convicts arriving from Norfolk Island.06 Jun 184407 Sep 1852

CON8 Assistant Comptroller-General's Letterbook.14 Jun 184422 Jul 1845

CON66 Register of Fees paid in Connection with Convicts' Deaths.01 Jul 184428 Feb 1850

CON60 Register of Free Pardons issued to Political Prisoners Transported from Canada.31 Jul 184409 Jan 1845

CON148 Alphabetical Register of Convicts Secondarily Transported from New South Wales to Norfolk Island and remaining There in Aug 1844.01 Aug 184431 Aug 1844

CON88 Tasman's Peninsula - Register of Prisoners discharged from a Penal Station.01 Aug 184430 Sep 1848

CON112 Register of Tickets-of-Leave issued.01 Jan 184531 Dec 1849

CON113 Certificates of Freedom.09 Jun 184511 Feb 1873

CON21 Description Lists of Convicts arriving from Norfolk Island.26 Jul 184528 Dec 1851

CON51 Convicts' Affidavits to Support Applications to Marry.04 Aug 184519 Jun 1855

CON121 List of Packages of Government Clothing Made on Board the Pestonjee Bomangee During Its Voyage to Van Diemens Land.01 Dec 184531 Dec 1845

CON104 Maria Island - Letterbook of the Superintendent, Long Point Station.14 Jul 184607 Nov 1846

CON162 Requisitions for Stores for Use at Various Convict Establishments.01 Jan 184731 Dec 1848

CON116 Transportation Orders from Various Courts in the United Kingdom.07 Feb 184731 Dec 1849

CON142 Female House of Correction, Hobart - Visitors' Book.25 Feb 184715 Mar 1890

CON29 Register of the Employment of Convicts.01 May 184730 Jun 1847

CON58 List of Convicts Recommended for Conditional Pardons.01 Jun 184722 Sep 1852

CON47 Schedules of Convicts' Applications for Remission of Sentences.01 Jan 184831 Dec 1848

CON159 Prisoners Barracks, Hobart - Record of the Number of Men Working in Various Gangs (from the Barracks) with the Names of Overseers.01 May 184831 Jan 1863

CON30 Registers of the Employment of Probation Passholders.01 May 184831 Oct 1857

CON4 Judges' and Chairmens' Reports on Criminal Cases in the Supreme Court and Court of Quarter Sessions.01 Jan 184931 Dec 1857

CON5 Returns from Various Stations of Convicts received and discharged.01 Jan 184931 Jan 1849

CON120 Returns to Accompany the Captions of Convicts on their Removal to Various Government Prisons in the United Kingdom.01 Jan 184931 Dec 1852

CON176 Tasman's Peninsula - School Book Belonging to James North at Point Puer.01 Jan 184931 Jan 1849

CON67 "accounts of Money received from Prisoners As Repayment of Rewards for their Apprehension".31 Jul 184906 May 1859

CON161 New Town Farm hiring Depot - Statistical Returns (Inmates, Rations, Stores).01 Jan 185031 Dec 1851

CON152 Register of Convicts Hired by Private Employers.01 Jan 185031 Dec 1852

CON7 Comptroller-General's Letterbook.03 Jan 185022 Jan 1854

CON127 Tasman's Peninsula - Registers of Patients admitted to the Asylum (Earlier at Saltwater River, Later Port Arthur), with Details of Disease, Behaviour, Diet and Treatment.30 Jan 185031 Dec 1877

CON99 Prisoners Barracks, Hobart - Superintendents' Journal.22 Feb 185011 May 1851

CON153 Index to Register of Convicts Hired to Private Employers.01 Jul 185031 Jul 1850

CON119 Statements respecting Convicts Recommended for Removal from Public Works in Great Britain to Separate Confinement, or to Be Retained in Separate Confinement Beyond the Ordinary Per24 Dec 185021 Oct 1851

CON6 Returns of Convicts Receiving Magisterial Sentences Since 1 Dec 1850 and Awaiting Disposal at Hobart.03 Mar 185107 May 1851

CON138 Female House of Correction, Hobart - Register of Offences Committed and Punishment Ordered.27 Mar 185131 May 1854

CON89 Tasman's Peninsula - Returns of Men discharged from the Invalid Station at Impression Bay.03 May 185124 May 1851

CON136 Prisoners Barracks, Hobart - School Record of Pupils at the Prisoners' Barracks.01 Jul 185129 Feb 1852

CON76 Journal of the Religious Instructor on Board the Convict Ship Blenheim (4).23 Jul 185107 Nov 1851

CON118 Statements respecting Convicts Recommended for Removal from Public Works in Great Britain for Further Probation in Van Diemens Land.01 Nov 185130 Nov 1851

CON160 Prisoners Barracks, Hobart - Daily Record of Visits by Officials and Reports by Officers at Various Posts in the Barracks.01 Jan 185231 Dec 1852

CON155 Prisoners Barracks, Hobart - Record of All (?) Prisoners received and discharged.01 Jan 185230 Jun 1852

AA968 Return of Number of Convicts employed at Military Barracks, Hobart.01 Jan 185231 Mar 1852

CON90 Tasman's Peninsula - Register of Prisoners received at a Penal Station.01 Mar 185230 Apr 1852

CON150 List of Male Convict Ships 1817-53, giving Grand Totals of Numbers Transported.01 Jan 185331 Dec 1853

CON158 Prisoners Barracks, Hobart - Register of Prisoners Performing "Monitorial Duties".01 Jan 185331 Dec 1857

CON157 Prisoners Barracks, Hobart - Wardens' Daily Reports - "E Division".01 Jan 185331 Dec 1853

CON128 Tasman's Peninsula - Journal of Charles H. Brown, District Constable, Coal Mines.01 Feb 185307 Feb 1855

CON53 Register of Women's Applications for Permission to Marry.01 Mar 185331 Dec 1854

CON144 Applications for Conditional Pardons.01 Jun 185330 Jun 1853

CON164 Prisoners Barracks, Hobart - Register of Absentees from Musters at the Barracks.16 Jul 185302 Nov 1853

CON129 Tasman's Peninsula - Copy of Diary of Police Duties kept by Charles H. Brown, District Constable, Coal Mines.03 Aug 185327 Aug 1853

CON140 Female House of Correction, Hobart - Return of Female Pass Holders received Into the Establishment from the Police Office, Hobart Town.16 Sep 185316 Sep 1853

CON74 "instructions for the Management of Convict Hospitals" Hobart Town Advertiser Office. Printed.01 Jan 185431 Dec 1854

CON42 Conduct Register of Female Convicts Reconvicted in the Colony.01 Jan 185431 Dec 1892

CON167 Prisoners Barracks, Hobart - Alphabetical Register of Prisoners received After Sentencing in Various Courts.01 Jan 185431 Dec 1857

CON100 Prisoners Barracks, Hobart - Deputy-Superintendents' Journal.26 Jan 185411 Mar 1859

AA967 Female House of Correction, Ross - Return of Women transferred from the Launceston House of Correction to the Ross House of Correction.01 Jun 185430 Jun 1854

CON171 Tasman's Peninsula - Report of Daily Inspections of Buildings at Port Arthur.29 Sep 185427 Nov 1854

CON169 Prisoners Barracks, Hobart - Register of "Hours Worked" Credited to Prisoners for Daily Labour and Extra Duties.01 Jan 185531 Dec 1859

CON168 Prisoners Barracks, Hobart - Register of Applications by Prisoners in the Barracks to Write Letters.01 Jan 185531 Dec 1857

CON156 Prisoners Barracks, Hobart - Daily Record of Prisoners received Into, and discharged from "H Division".01 May 185631 Dec 1856

CON163 Register of Women Receiving Certificates of Freedom (?).01 Jan 185731 Dec 1865

CON170 Tasman's Peninsula - Record of Prisoners in Solitary Confinement showing Name, Ship, Age, Weight Gain or Loss, Number of Days and Date of Release (Fragment Only).01 Jan 185731 Dec 1858

CON48 Index to Convicts the Subject of Correspondence relating to Remissions of Sentence.01 May 185731 Oct 1857

CON11 Drafts and Copies of the Comptroller- General's Annual Reports and Semi-Annual Returns.23 Jan 185818 Aug 1862

CON91 Tasman's Peninsula - Journals of the Warden of the Separate Prison.04 Jun 185809 Feb 1863

CON131 Tasman's Peninsula - Daily Statements of the Gaol, the Prisoners' Barracks and the House of Correction.01 Jun 185931 Aug 1868

CON101 Prisoners Barracks, Hobart - Gate Keepers Journal.01 Sep 185928 Aug 1860

CON134 Tasman's Peninsula - Returns of Convicts, Paupers and Lunatics Held at Tasman's Peninsula.01 Jan 186031 Dec 1860

CON64 Returns of Convicts' Deaths and Casualties.31 Mar 186030 Jun 1871

CON165 Prisoners Barracks, Hobart - Wardens' Daily Journal - "F Division".01 Dec 186031 Mar 1861

CON49 Register of Convicts' Applications to Interview the Comptroller-General and Sheriff.04 Apr 186228 Sep 1886

CON46 Register of Petitions Referred to the Comptroller-General and Sheriff.01 May 186231 Dec 1864

CON109 Salary Book of a Ticket-of-Leave Holder.30 Aug 186231 Dec 1862

CON174 Tasman's Peninsula - Record of Daily Totals in a Division Separate Prison.01 Jan 186331 Mar 1867

CON123 Copy of a Return of "Imperial" Convicts Whose Expenses Are Charged to the Colony.01 Dec 186331 Dec 1863

CON177 Prisoners Barracks, Hobart - Record of Men employed in No. 1 Chain Gang.01 Jan 186431 Dec 1865

CON92 Tasman's Peninsula - Registers of the Employment of Convicts01 Jan 186431 Dec 1869

CON141 Female House of Correction, Hobart - Return of Money Forfeited from, or Held in Custody for Prisoners.01 Aug 186431 Dec 1864

CON137 Prisoners Barracks, Hobart - Return of Money Forfeited from Prisoners.01 Aug 186431 Dec 1864

CON132 Tasman's Peninsula - Return of Money Forfeited by Prisoners at Port Arthur.01 Sep 186430 Nov 1864

CON172 Tasman's Peninsula - Register of Employment of Convicts showing Numbers Engaged in Each Activity and Number of Articles Made or Repaired.01 Oct 186530 Jun 1870

CON130 Convict Credit and Gratuity Books - Tasman Peninsula01 Dec 186531 Jul 1868

CON173 Tasman's Peninsula - Daily Record of Work Performed by Convicts in the Bootmakers Shop.01 Jan 186731 Aug 1868

CON68 Estimates for the Department for the Year Ending 31 Mar 1870.01 Jan 186831 Dec 1868

CON94 Tasman's Peninsula - Conduct Registers, Port Arthur.01 Jan 186830 Sep 1876

CON133 Tasman's Peninsula - Semaphore Code Dictionary.01 Jan 186831 Dec 1868

CON93 Tasman's Peninsula - Log Book of the Schooner Harriet.05 Jun 186917 Nov 1871

CON105 Female House of Correction, Hobart - Description Lists of Prisoners.01 Jan 187330 Jun 1879

CON149 Tasman's Peninsula - Map of Tasman's Peninsula, showing Signal Stations, and a List showing the Distribution of Prisoners and Officials.02 May 187302 May 1873

CON175 Tasman's Peninsula - Record of Daily Totals kept by the Overseer of the Model Prison, Port Arthur01 Jan 187431 Aug 1875