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Customs Department
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1827
End Date:
31 Dec 1901
The Van Diemens Land branch of Her Majestys Customs was established in late December 1827, assuming the residual functions of the Naval Officer. It continued to collect duties on imported goods, manage the bond store (which had been established in 1817) and attempted to suppress smuggling. The Commissioners of Customs in London handed the local administration of customs to the colony in 1854. At Federation the Department was transferred to the Commonwealth Government. On January 1, 1901 Customs became the responsibility of the Commonwealth Government and the staff and functions were transferred to it.
Legislation Administered:
Customs Regulation Act 1833 (repealed 1852), Prevention of Smuggling Act 1837 (repealed 1861), Customs Stations Act 1839 (repealed 1861), Customs Regulations Acts 1852 (repealed 1861), Raw Sugar Act 1852 (repealed 1861), Bonded Warehouse Act 1854 (repealed 1861), Customs Act 1861
Legislation Creating:
Imperial legislation (6 Geo.IV Cap.109) (Made effective by administrative action in Dec 1827
Controlling Agencies:
Treasury Department (TA91)01 Jan 182417 Jul 1989

Governor's Office (TA315)01 Jan 1825
Previous Agencies:
Naval Department (TA932)01 Jan 180731 Dec 1827
Marine Department (TA931)01 Jan 182531 Dec 1858
Series Created By Agency:
CUS33 Register of Ships' Clearances, with Lists of Crews and Passengers.03 May 181729 Oct 1833

CUS19 Naval Officer's Registers of Spirits Bonded and Subsequently issued.10 Nov 182020 Dec 1827

CUS57 Naval Officer's Register of Tobacco Bonded and Subsequently issued.16 Apr 182301 Sep 1827

CUS29 Register of Ships entered Inwards and Cleared Outwards at Hobart.01 Jan 182405 Jan 1830

CUS8 Returns of Duties and Other Fees collected.01 Oct 182431 Dec 1841

CUS20 Naval Officer's Register of Permits issued to Collect Goods Imported and Not Bonded.12 Oct 182431 Dec 1827

CUS21 Naval Officer's Register of Permits issued to Collect Bonded Spirits and Tobacco.02 Jan 182531 Dec 1827

CUS2 Copies of Inward Correspondence from the Board of Trade.07 Nov 182628 Dec 1850

CUS1 Inward Correspondence.16 Apr 182725 May 1858

CUS49 Launceston - Register of Sufferances granted to Consignees of Goods Imported.01 Jul 182831 Mar 1830

AA842 Launceston - Letterbook of the Collector.02 Feb 182926 Oct 1836

CUS30 Register of Ships' Arrivals with Lists of Passengers.01 Jan 183031 Oct 1833

CUS38 Register of Colonial Vessels of the Port of Hobart.14 Jan 183030 Apr 1855

CUS13 Naval Officers' Estimate of Duties collected.01 Apr 183030 Jun 1830

AB700 Register of Exports.01 Apr 183029 Feb 1832

AB699 Register of Warrants for Imports in Bonded Warehouse.01 Apr 183030 Apr 1833

CUS53 Launceston - Register of the Issue of Certificates of Ships' Registration.23 Jun 183022 Oct 1832

CUS5 Collectors' Letterbooks.26 Apr 183123 Jun 1888

CUS31 Register of Ships entered Inwards.01 Nov 183105 Jul 1838

CUS41 Monthly Registers of Salaries Payable to Members of the Department.01 Jan 183230 Apr 1854

CUS36 Cargo, Passenger and Crew Lists, Manifests and associated Documents relating to Ships Clearances.01 Jan 183331 Jan 1902

CUS34 Register of Ships entered Outwards.04 Jan 183308 Feb 1849

CUS59 Record of Money collected from Various Port Charges and Fees.07 Jan 183321 Dec 1841

CUS43 Departmental Estimates.01 Jan 183531 Dec 1862

CUS35 Register of Ships Cleared Outwards.04 Jan 183505 Jul 1848

CUS4 Letterbooks of Inward and Outward Correspondence.06 Feb 183510 Nov 1853

CUS61 Launceston - Quarterly Returns of Liquor Bought and Sold by Various Publicans.01 Jul 183530 Sep 1835

CUS55 Launceston - Register of Ships' Departures.01 Feb 183731 Jan 1840

CUS54 Launceston - Register of Ship's Arrivals.01 Mar 183731 Jul 1840

CUS32 Register of the Issue of Cargo Lists ("red" and "Blue" Books) in Respect of Ships arriving.07 Dec 183923 Apr 1852

CUS48 Circular Head - Register of Ship's Arrivals.01 Jan 184128 Feb 1841

CUS3 Register of Despatches received from the Board of Customs.01 Jan 184113 Apr 1854

CUS6 Collectors' Letterbooks of Despatches to the Board of Customs and Other British Officers.02 Jul 184121 Jun 1863

CUS23 Weekly Returns from Launceston of Imports and Exports of Grain and Flour, with Comparable Figures for Hobart.12 Jul 184127 Dec 1841

CUS62 Copy of a Report on the Operations of the Department Written by the Collector of Customs for the Colonial Secretary Who Forwarded It to Adelaide.01 Dec 184131 Dec 1841

CUS44 Inventories of Departmental Stores.01 Apr 184230 Apr 1842

CUS39 Documents relating to the Admeasurement, Build, Ownership and Registration of Vessels in the Port of Hobart.01 Jan 184631 Dec 1899

CUS9 Return of Duties collected at Hobart and Launceston.01 Jan 184831 Jan 1849

CUS47 Circular Head - Certificates of Fees and Duties Payable by Ships arriving and Departing, with Details of Cargoes and Tonnage.11 Oct 184827 Sep 1853

CUS26 Returns of Liquor Bought and Sold by Various Publicans Made under the Act 9 Geo Iv No 4.01 Apr 184930 Sep 1849

CUS46 Monthly Abstracts of Staff Attendance Register.01 May 185328 Feb 1863

CUS10 Incomplete Return of Total Duties collected in the Colony.01 Jul 185331 Dec 1853

CUS22 Port Officers' Register of Weighing for Duties.21 Oct 185519 Jul 1860

CUS45 Miscellaneous Departmental Registers of Stores, Claims for Repayment, registered Mail and Bonding.01 Jan 185631 Dec 1899

CUS37 Port Officer's Register of Ships' Departures Classified According to Nationality of Destination.01 Jan 185731 Dec 1881

CUS27 Bonds given by Exporters under the Act 15 Vic No 5, S 38.01 Jul 186031 Dec 1860

CUS42 Salary Abstracts.01 Jan 186231 Dec 1866

CUS12 Collector's Register of Duties Imposed on Goods Other Than Spirits and Tobacco.01 Jan 186731 Dec 1871

CUS11 Collector's Register of Duties Imposed on Spirits and Tobacco.01 Jan 186731 Dec 1870

CUS15 Collectors' Statement of Inland Revenue.01 Jan 186731 Dec 1870

CUS14 Collectors' Statement of Territorial Revenue.01 Jan 186731 Dec 1870

CUS52 Launceston - Register of Duties Imposed on Goods Other Than Spirits and Tobacco.01 Jan 187031 Dec 1870

CUS51 Launceston - Register of Duties Imposed on Spirits and Tobacco.01 Jan 187031 Dec 1870

CUS16 Cash Books of Deposits paid by Importers on Account of Dutiable Goods.05 Oct 187017 Apr 1871

AB702 Launceston - Monthly Account of Collections Made at Sub-Ports of Leith and Leven/ulverstone.01 Jul 187631 Dec 1887

CUS56 Launceston - Weekly Returns of Light Dues paid at Launceston.01 Jan 188231 Dec 1885

CUS17 Weekly Statements of Money collected under the Marine Board Act 1857.01 Jan 188231 Dec 1885

CUS50 Launceston - Register of Bonded Books Sold or Destroyed.01 Dec 188731 Dec 1887

CUS18 Classified Returns of Monies collected from Duties, Pilotage, Wharfage Etc.01 Jan 188931 Dec 1893

CUS58 Register of Oil Bonded and Subsequently issued.11 Dec 189118 Nov 1892

CUS25 Return of the Quantity and Value of Exports from Devonport.01 Jan 189331 Dec 1900

CUS60 Register of Wrecks Occuring in Tasmania.01 Jan 189431 Dec 1904

MCC25/20 Penguin - Register of the Arrival and Departure of Vessels.01 Jul 189516 Aug 1915

CUS24 Return of Imports and Exports, and of Duties, from All Tasmanian Ports.01 Jun 189830 Jun 1898

CUS28 Licenced Carriers' Bond of James Jordan, under the Act 61 Vic No 6, S 218.30 Aug 189930 Aug 1899

AB701 Letterbook of State Collector of Customs Containing Correspondence to Sub-Collectors.01 Jan 190113 Jul 1904