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Executive Council
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1825
To endorse the decisions of the cabinet which require formal, legal authority.~
Legislation Creating:
Proclamation 3 Dec 1825, directed by Royal Warrant 17 Jul 1825.
Series Created By Agency:
EC3 Draft Minutes of Proceedings of the Executive Council.03 Dec 182525 Feb 1828

EC4 Minutes of Proceedings of the Executive Council.03 Dec 182531 Dec 1980

EC11 Register of Grant Deeds Advised to Be issued. Indexed29 Oct 183216 Nov 1835

EC1 Letterbook of the Clerk of the Legislative Council and the Executive Council.04 Apr 183631 Dec 1851

EC2 Correspondence, Exhibits and Minutes of Proceedings in an Enquiry Into a Dispute between the Puisne Judge (a. Montagu) and the Attorney-General (a. Stephen).09 Jul 183624 Oct 1836

EC15 Copies of Oaths of Office of Various Governors and Officials Who were Members of the Executive Council.01 Jan 183731 Dec 1910

EC13 Copies of Oaths of Office of Members of Executive Council and of Cabinet Ministers.01 Jan 184031 Dec 1910

EC14 Governors' Notes and associated Papers relating to Matters Considered by the Executive Council.01 Jan 184931 Dec 1900

EC16 List of Prisoners Ordered by Governor-in- Council to Be kept in Penal Servitude for Life Without Any Remission.01 Jan 186231 Dec 1866

AF995 Agenda Papers of the Executive Council01 Jan 186631 Jul 1866

EC5 Indexes to the Minutes of Proceedings of the Executive Council.10 Jan 187631 Dec 1894

EC12 Lists of Stores and Stationery Required for the Office.01 Jul 188731 May 1896

EC6 Index to Minutes Submitted by Departments.01 Jan 191631 Dec 1935

EC18 Index to Personnel Referred to in Executive Council Minutes.01 Jan 198131 Dec 1984

EC17 Minute Papers and associated Documents Considered at Meetings of the Executive Council.01 Jan 198131 Dec 1999