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Marine Board of Launceston
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1858
End Date:
01 Mar 1968
Provide a port office, harbour master and pilot services and maintain lighthouses.
Legislation Administered:
Marine Boards Act 1857 (repealed 1890), Marine Boards Act 1890 (repealed 1921), Marine Act 1921
Legislation Creating:
Marine Boards Act 1857 (21 Vict. No.16) (Proclaimed 1858) Renamed Port of Launceston Authority (see TGG 28 Feb 1868).
Functions Performed:
Maritime services
Previous Agencies:
Marine Department (TA931)01 Jan 182531 Dec 1858
Subsequent Agencies:
Navigation and Survey Authority of Tasmania (TA1003)01 Jan 196327 Jun 1997

Port of Launceston Authority (TA1010)01 Mar 196829 Jul 1997
Series Created By Agency:
AB845 Harbour Master's Letterbooks, Launceston.22 Mar 184010 Aug 1910

AE534 Letter Books of the Marine Board of Launceston19 Jan 185827 Jun 1944

AB847 Minutes of Meetings.19 Jan 185828 Nov 1969

AE583 Account Book for the Tug 'Tamar' and Local Marine Board06 Feb 185828 Feb 1878

AE528 Log Book of the Steam Tug 'Tamar'06 Feb 185809 Feb 1862

AE603 Annual Abstract of Expenditure for the Marine Board of Launceston08 Feb 185831 Dec 1886

AE542 Harbour Collection Books08 Feb 185813 Feb 1914

AE573 Boat and Waterman Licenses11 May 185817 Mar 1886

AE572 Exemption from Pilotage Register03 Jul 185821 Sep 1883

AE579 Steam Tug Licenses15 Jan 185916 Aug 1886

AE527 Log Books of the Low Head Pilot Station12 May 185911 Aug 1979

AE602 Monthly Abstract of Expenditure for the Marine Board of Launceston01 Jan 186301 Apr 1886

AE581 Low Head Pilots Report Book01 Jan 187514 Dec 1897

MB5/2 Index to General Correspondence, Arranged Alphabetically.01 Jan 188030 Jun 1924

AE577 Vessels and Crew Book01 Jan 188031 Dec 1889

MB5/1 General Correspondence, Arranged Alphabetically.01 Jan 188131 Dec 1929

AE574 Memo Book04 Jul 188123 Apr 1887

AE580 Porters Licenses03 Jan 188308 Nov 1886

AE600 Cash Book of Supplying Household Goods to Staff01 Jan 188531 Dec 1887

AE543 Beacons and Buoys Books04 Jan 188814 Feb 1946

AE530 Log Books of the S.S. Wybia22 Aug 188819 Oct 1933

AE538 Log Books of the Harbour Master, Launceston08 May 189014 Nov 1951

MB5/5 Secretary's Letterbooks.08 May 189403 May 1929

AE576 Survey Books01 Jul 189830 Jun 1961

AE609 Cash Book of Goods and Supplies14 Oct 190823 Dec 1913

AE605 Cash Book for the Marine Board of Launceston30 Oct 190906 Jul 1912

MB5/8 Notes on the Construction and Repair of Jetties.01 Jan 191031 Dec 1939

AE612 Annual Summary of Expenditure31 Dec 191130 Jun 1966

AE601 Debt Ledgers for the Marine Board of Launceston31 Dec 191130 Jun 1954

MB5/11 Miscellaneous Printed Material and Pamphlets.01 Jan 191231 Dec 1927

AE613 Abstract of Receipts and Payments06 Jan 191228 Jun 1940

AE604 Cash Books of the Marine Board of Launceston06 Jan 191230 Jun 1966

AE591 Minutes of the Finance Committee26 Aug 191215 Nov 1920

AE592 Minutes of the Full Board and Special Committees06 Jan 191309 Mar 1938

AE586 Minutes of the Harbour Improvements Committee24 Jan 191305 Nov 1920

MB5/9 Contracts, Specifications and Supply of Materials for Charles St Bridge, Tamar Improvement Works, New Wharf at Inveresk.01 Jan 191431 Dec 1917

MB5/6 Engineer's Letterbooks.26 Jan 191423 Oct 1924

AE598 Contract Register for the Marine Board of Launceston01 Apr 191401 Jan 1936

AE545 Cargo Statistics on Shipping Departing from Launceston02 May 191430 Jun 1920

MB5/7 Notices to Mariners and Enquiries concerning Casualties.01 Jan 191502 Oct 1922

AE608 Cash Books of Money received from Councils10 Jul 191530 Jun 1961

MB5/10 Costs and Estimates.01 Jan 191931 Dec 1930

AE615 Distribution of Accounts Ledgers01 Jan 191930 Jun 1947

AE540 Log Book of the 'Ponrabbel'05 Sep 192130 Jun 1953

MB5/4 Correspondence and Agreements concerning Employees, with Lists of Employees.01 Jan 192231 Dec 1928

MB5/3 Miscellaneous Correspondence, Nos 1-102 (with Gaps).15 May 192212 Apr 1924

AE539 Shipping Statistics07 Jun 192208 Sep 1932

AE610 Ledgers of Pilotage paid01 Jul 192401 Jul 1948

AE575 Maintenance Register06 Sep 192628 Feb 1931

AE596 Minutes of the Trustees of the Employees Superannuation and Provident Fund.22 Jul 193012 Sep 1955

AE611 Superannuation and Provident Fund Ledgers24 Jul 193002 Jul 1979

AE585 Pilotage Records01 Mar 193131 Dec 1979

AE544 Low Head Pilotage Record Book05 Mar 193131 Dec 1999

MB5/16 Expenditure Vouchers [Srd].01 Jan 193931 Jan 1939

MB5/14 Bank Deposit Book [Srd].04 Dec 194030 Mar 1941

MB5/15 General Receipt Book [Srd].17 Dec 194018 Jul 1941

AE582 Tamar Leading Lights Log Book01 Mar 194227 Aug 1950

AE595 Correspondence of the Employee Superannuation Fund23 Oct 194514 Feb 1955

AE541 Log Book of the Steam Tug 'James Wallace'04 Jun 194711 Jan 1961

AE594 Minutes of the Employee Superannuation Fund Committee19 Jun 194701 Aug 1956

AE614 Allocation of Payments Ledgers01 Jul 194731 Jan 1953

AE571 Exemption (from Pilotage) Notes01 Jan 194831 Dec 1968

AE597 Lists of Members in Employees Superannuation and Provident Fund01 Jan 194831 Dec 1950

AE896 Official Agreements, Accounts and Logs for Masters and Crews Signed on at Launceston08 Nov 194808 Nov 1948

MB5/13 Wharfage Warrants for Imports [Srd].12 May 194913 May 1949

MB5/12 Manifest of Inward Cargo [Srd].04 Sep 194904 Sep 1949

AE607 Chep Agency Ledger06 Nov 195506 Nov 1957

AE593 Minutes of Periodical Meetings04 Apr 195716 Jul 1964

AE618 Abstract of Payments Ledger30 Oct 195730 Jun 1966

AB937 Films of Marine Activities and Harbour Works, and Some Industrial and Other Developments in the Tamar Valley.01 Jan 195931 Dec 1981

AE578 Tide Book01 Jan 196031 Dec 1969

AE599 Refund Book for Wharfage paid to the Marine Board of Launceston03 Jun 196322 Jul 1983

AE617 Cash Book of Expenditure06 Jul 196530 Jun 1966

AE606 Summary Cash Book for the Marine Board of Launceston01 Jul 196630 Dec 1977