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Trustees of the Tasmanian Public Library
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1850
End Date:
31 Dec 1943
Legislation Administered:
(14 Vic No.12), 34 Vic No.27
Legislation Creating:
Act: 14 Vic No.12
Functions Performed:
Cultural affairs
Subsequent Agencies:
State Library of Tasmania (TA34)01 Jan 194331 Oct 2006

Tasmanian Library Board (TA727)01 Jan 194321 Dec 1984
Series Created By Agency:
SLT34 Annual Reports (Printed).01 Jan 185231 Dec 1973

AA827 Confirmed Minutes of Meetings.04 Feb 186205 Jan 1944

SLT1 General Correspondence.15 Apr 186830 Apr 1991

SLT14 Press Cuttings and Miscellaneous Printed Material.01 Jan 187031 Dec 1977

SLT3 Librarian's Letterbooks.27 Jul 187015 Jul 1919

SLT46 Rules, Regulations and by-Laws of the State Library.01 Jan 187122 Aug 1949

SLT42 Lists of Books and Periodicals Donated and Ordered by the State Library, and of Books given Away.01 Jan 187231 Dec 1919

SLT63 Miscellaneous Financial Papers.01 Jan 187231 Dec 1916

SLT38 Insurance Policy for the Tasmanian Public Library.09 Jan 187209 Jan 1872

SLT35 Reports by the Librarian and Various Committees on Matters Connected with the State Library.01 Jan 187331 Dec 1937

SLT36 Papers relating to Staff.01 Jan 188431 Dec 1918

SLT15 Accession Registers of Books for the Reference Library.01 Jan 189231 May 1942

SLT57 Cash Books of Receipts and Expenditure.01 Jan 189531 Dec 1944

SLT47 Papers relating to the Erection of a New Library Building.01 Jan 190331 Dec 1907

SLT17 Cash Account for the Carnegie Building Fund of the Public Library.01 Sep 190331 Oct 1907

SLT10 Minutes of Various Sub-Committees.22 Sep 190324 Jan 1912

SLT12 Architectural Drawings of the Tasmanian Public Library (State Library from 1943), Argyle Street and associated Buildings and Alterations.01 Jan 190431 Aug 1943

SLT11 Confidential and Valued Correspondence Records.01 Jan 190431 Dec 1964

SLT23 Photographs, Drawings and Negatives.01 Jan 190431 Dec 1990

SLT18 Register of Suggestions received for the Improvement of the Library.01 Dec 190530 Nov 1906

SLT16 Accession Registers of Books for the Lending Library.03 Apr 190723 Jul 1939

SLT7 Agenda for Meetings.26 Sep 191119 Dec 1912

SLT8 Draft Minutes of Meetings.28 Apr 191428 Apr 1930

SLT19 Registers of Public Library Statistics and Donations.01 Jan 192231 Dec 1964

AC672 Films and Videos Produced in, or relating to, Tasmania01 Jan 192831 Dec 1987

SLT33 Miscellaneous Papers, with Some Correspondence.01 Jan 193731 Dec 1959