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Public Service Board (1)
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1905
End Date:
31 Dec 1918
Direct and co-ordinate personnel matters in the public service and oversight of the organisation and efficiency of Departments. The Public Service Board was created by legislative change which substituted a 3 member Board for the single Commissioner who had headed the Service since 1918. The Department included an automatic data processing (ADP) section which prepared data on behalf of State Departments for processing by the Commonwealth Bureau of Census and Statistics. In 1976 the section was transferred to the Treasury as the nucleus of the State Computing Centre. The Computer Policy Committee, established by Cabinet decision in 1975, had control over purchases of computing equipment and was chaired by the Chairman of the Public Service Board. It was renamed the Computer Policy Advisory Committee in 1981 when many of its powers were delegated to Departments.~
Legislation Creating:
Public Service Act 1905
Subsequent Agencies:
Public Service Commissioners Office (TA375)01 Jan 191831 Dec 1973