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Department of Tourism, Sport and Recreation
Agency Number:
Start Date:
17 Jul 1989
End Date:
27 Mar 1996
To enhance the economic and social contribution to Tasmania from tourism,sport,recreation and racing activities. The Department was created, as part of a general reorganisation of the State Service, by amalgamating the Department of Tourism with the Department of Sport and Recreation. In a further stage of the reorganisation, on 1 July 1990, the Licensing Board and the Tasmanian Racing Directorate were amalgamated with the Department. The Directorate was restructured as an Authority shortly afterwards. On 17 February 1992, following a change of Government, racing and gaming became the responsibility of the Minister for Construction, although racing was returned to the Tourism portfolio on 3 February 1993. On 27 March 1996 the Department was dismembered, Tourism again becoming an agency in its own right. The Licensing Board was transferred to the Deaprtment of Treasury and Finance, the Major Events Unit to Tasmania Development and Resources, Sport and Recreation to the Department of Education, Community and Cultural Development, as was the Office of the Status of Women, except for the Office of the Sex Discrimination Commissioner which went to the department of Justice, and the Office of Antarctic Affairs went to the Department of Environment and Land Management.
Legislation Administered:
Bellerive Oval Management Authority Act 1989, Defacement of Property Act 1898, Derwent Entertainment Centre Management Authority Act 1988, Tasmanian International Velodrome Management Authority Act 1984, Tourism Act 1977. Additional legislation, committed to this Department between 1990 and 1992, was administered by the Licensing Board of Tasmania and the Tasmanian Racing Directorate.
Legislation Creating:
Statutory Rule 1989 No. 114.
Functions Performed:
Sport and recreation
Previous Agencies:
Department of Tourism (TA347)01 Jan 197717 Jul 1989

Department of Sport and Recreation (TA388)01 Jan 198531 Dec 1989

Department of Premier & Cabinet (TA926)17 Jul 1989
Tourism Advisory Committee (TA348)01 Jan 1977