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Department of Administrative Services
Agency Number:
Start Date:
17 Jul 1989
End Date:
07 Nov 1989
Provide a range of centralised services to Tasmanian Government agencies and the public. The Department of Administrative Services was created as part of the reorganisation of the Tasmanian State Service. It was formed by amalgamating the Supply and Tender Department, Electoral Department and the Government Printing Office. To these were added parts of 4 other Departments. The office of Consumer Affairs from the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, the Management Services Division of the Department of Public Administration and the Computer Services Branch of the Treasury, along with the Public Offices Committee Secretariat, fleshed out the role of the Department. It also became responsible for a variety of Parliamentary services formerly performed in the Department of the Premier and Cabinet. The Department was renamed on 7 November in order to raise the public profile of the Office of Consumer Affairs.
Legislation Administered:
Advertisements (Terms of Purchase) Act 1973, Consumer Affairs Act 1988,Disposal of uncollected Goods Act 1698, Door to Door Trading Act 1986, Electoral Act 1985, Electroal (Consequential Amendments) Act 1985, Flammable Clothing Act 1973, Goods (Trade Descriptions) Act 1971, Government Printing Office Act 1949, Mock Auctions Act 1973, Pyramid Selling Act 1974, Sale of Hazardous Goods Act 1977, Senate Elections Act 1935, Trading Stamps Abolition Act 1900, Travel Agents Act 1987, Unordered Goods and Services Act 1973.
Legislation Creating:
SR 1989/114
Controlled Agencies:
Government Printing Office (TA767)01 Jul 194816 Mar 1994

Office of Consumer Affairs (TA682)14 Dec 198824 Nov 1999

State Purchasing & Sales (TA989)17 Jul 198930 Jun 1999

Tasmanian Electoral Office (TA988)17 Jul 1989