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Department of Primary Industry
Agency Number:
Start Date:
17 Jul 1989
End Date:
18 Feb 1992
Provide expert advice, reports and policy recommendations to Government. Develop, review and administer legislation relating to plant and animal health and quality standards.Implement Government policy relating to living marine resources. Manage, control, regulate and protect sea fisheries, salmon fisheries and fisheries in land waters. Conduct scientific research, market research and consumer education. Provide extensions services, economic information and marketing advisory services and veterinary clinical services in areas not normally serviced by private practitioners. License and control commerical fish farms, eel fishing, whitebait fishing and the importation of fish into Tasmania. The Department was created, as part of a general re-organisation of the Tasmanian State Service, by amalgamating the Department of Agriculture and the Department of sea Fisheries on 17 Jul 1989. The Inland Fisheries Commission was amalgamated with the new Department on 1 Jul 1990. On the same day the Tasmanian Grain Elevators Board came under the administrative control of the Department. On 18 February 1992, following the change of government, the Inland Fisheries Commmission was transferred to the Department of Parks, Wildlife and Heritage and the Water Resources and Energy Resources Divisions of the Department of Resources and Energy were amalgamted with Primary Industry to create the Department of Primary Industry, Fisheries and Energy.
Legislation Administered:
Apiaries Act 1978, Apple and Pear Industry Acts 1982, Biological Control Act 1986, Dairy Produce Act 1932, fertilizers Act 1950, Filled Milk Act 1960, Fisheries Act 1959, Fisheries Development Act (Repeal) 1985, Fruit and Vegetables Act 1953, Grain Reserve Act 1950, Meat Hygiene Act 1985, Noxious Insects and Molluscs Act 1951, Noxious Weeds Act 1964, Pesticides Act 1968, Plant Diseases Act 1930, Potato Industry Act (Repeal) 1982, Salt Water Salmonid Culture Act 1985, Sea Fisheries Licence Act 1989, Seeds Act 1985, Soft Fruit Industry Act (Repeal) 1986, Stanley Cool Stores Act 1945, Stock Act 1932, Stock (Brands and Movement) Act 1984, Straits Islands Abbattoirs Act (Repeal) 1984, Vermin Destruction Act 1950, Veterinary Medicines Act 1987, Veterinary Surgeons Act 1987, Wheat Marketing Act 1985, Wheat Quotas Act 1969.
Legislation Creating:
Statutory Regulation 1989 No. 114
Functions Performed:
Primary industries
Previous Agencies:
Department of Agriculture (2) (TA370)01 Jan 191131 Dec 1989

Department of Sea Fisheries (TA689)01 Jan 198517 Jul 1989
Subsequent Agencies:
Department of Primary Industry, Fisheries and Energy (TA986)18 Feb 199203 Feb 1993